Friday, February 28, 2014

10th Anniversary: Another Crossroads

Back in February 2006, I found myself at a crossroads.  I was deciding whether to focus on academics or on rewriting my novel, Pilot Point.  I decided for academics for a time, particularly studies in Oxford at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in the Autumn of 2007, an experience which was not easy, but provided many fond memories (some of which you may find in the archives at right).

But now my life has taken another turn.  I did eventually return to Pilot Point and rewrote it in more recent years.  Now I am in the process of getting it published – finally!  And I am doing so by joining “The Indie Author Revolt.”

More and more authors are going independent, bypassing publishing houses by publishing and selling their books themselves.  Said self-publishing is frequently taking the form of e-books.  And it is taking market share from traditional publishers.  Yes, this is no longer that new of a trend, but it is gaining momentum.

I can tell you from personal experience that many publishing houses have it coming to them.   Publishing houses used to have all the power in the book world when the then primitive state of technology made bypassing them problematic at best.  They abused that power, often putting easy sales above serving creative authors and discriminating readers.  (That got so ridiculous for my novel that I decided to set aside trying to get it published decades ago with the intent of trying again when the environment was better.  That decision is proving wise and/or lucky.)

But today authors are using the internet and improved technology to bypass the houses every day.  And, fed up by delays, foot dragging, and sometimes downright laziness from publisher after publisher in this and other writing ventures, I am joining the Indie Author Revolt myself.*

I will say the delays in publishing Pilot Point have been providential.  When I first finished it in the Nineties (Yes, that long ago.), I didn’t know an Anglican from an angel nor a rood screen from a rude scream.  But in rewriting the novel, I have enriched it with Anglicanism and liturgy.  That’s not something you see every day in a very Texan novel.  And it has greatly improved it if I may say so myself.

Now the delays are near an end.  Expect Pilot Point to be available this summer, in both paperback and e-book.


*NOTE: I would be unfair if I did not also say that I’ve had positive experiences with some publishers as well.  I hope these manage to thrive as the world of publishing undergoes needful change.  Recent years have not been easy ones particularly for small publishers.


Yes, the calendar commands that the 10th Anniversary month of this humble blog is now at an end.  But I have decided to continue to mark occasionally the 10 years as I come across times and places that bring back memories.  I promise not to be too insufferable about it.

Harry Reid – Despicable Liar

Dirty Harry Reid has stooped so low in the past, it has not occurred to me he could get any lower.

Having done his part to cram Obamacare down the throats of Americans, now he says, on the Senate floor no less, that the numerous stories of people suffering because of Obamacare are “all . . . untrue.”  Again, he has the gall to say those who are telling of suffering because of his work are all liars.

Yes, I share Guy Benson’s anger about this.  The only reason it is not rage is because I slept it off last night.  (And my longstanding policy is when I am really angry, I sleep first and wait until the morning to post.)

And Benson and Twitchy give a long but by no means exhaustive list of those who have told of their sufferings under Obamacare – people Harry Reid says are lying.

And remember, Harry Reid only has his position of Majority Leader because Democrats hold a (semi-fraudulent) majority in the Senate.  If you vote for a Democrat for Senate, you are voting for Harry Reid.

Do I have to say more?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coalition of African American Pastors call for impeachment of Eric Holder

If you think Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder should be impeached you’re RAAAACIST!... Or not.

Holder has given cover to states’ attorneys general to subvert the constitutions and laws of their states.  He has advised them not to defend their states’ laws against same-sex marriage.

This subversion of the rule of law was the last straw for the Coalition of African American Pastors.  They have started a petition calling for the impeachment of Eric Holder.  They must be Black White Supremacists* or something.  I’m confused.  Anyway, yes, I have signed… because I’m also very racist, you know.

Would that the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives had the courage of these pastors.  I am getting tired of all talk and no action from Speaker Boehner and company.  The Obama Regime is running roughshod over the Constitution and the rule of law…. And Establishment Republicans are more concerned about going after the tea partiers who want to stop Obama.

*Apologies to Dave Chappelle, who is a brilliant comedian, by the way.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nashotah House, St. John would like a word with you.

As readers may have noticed, much has already been written about the controversy surrounding Nashotah House’s invitation to Presiding “Bishop” Katharine Jefferts Schori to preach.  But I have yet to come across any mention of 2nd John.  Surely, someone somewhere has mentioned that epistle in discussing this situation.  But, again, I have not seen that.

I think St. John’s very relevant word about dealing with false teachers is being neglected.  So I repeat it here.  2 John 9-11 (NASB):

Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God; the one who abides in the teaching, he has both the Father and the Son.  If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting; for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds.

Does any more really need to be said?

Friday, February 21, 2014

10th Anniversary: No Safe Place (not even at Nashotah House)

From time to time I have written series during the ten years of this blog.  One was “No Safe Place” begun in October 2006.  In said series, I contended there was no safe place for the orthodox in The Episcopal Church and likeminded mainline denominations.

I had no idea how timely the commencement of that series would become.  October 2006 was an especially trying month for orthodox in The Episcopal Church. (Yes, that is saying something.)  In response to events, I made a number of posts in that new series that very month.

Events in the Diocese of Dallas were particularly disturbing that October.  In response, I pointed out . . .

Relying on an orthodox bishop (or presbytery or the like) in a liberal denomination is a thin reed to lean on. That bishop won’t be bishop forever. And even while he is bishop, there’s usually no guarantee he won’t blink when the time comes to lead . . .

An orthodox diocese or parish in an apostate denomination is indeed one weak decision or one weak or unfaithful leader away from capitulation to the dominant apostasy.

Sadly, the same could be said for an orthodox seminary.  Most readers are well aware that TEC Presiding “Bishop” Katharine Schori has been invited to preach at Nashotah House of all places.  I confess I have not followed doings at Nashotah House closely, but I thought it a bulwark of orthodox Anglicanism.  No more, apparently.

The previous Dean of Nashotah House, Robert Munday, has posted what has led to this point.  Do go read; for what he describes is a textbook example of a liberal takeover of an orthodox institution.  Munday was pushed out by Bishop Salmon and allies.  And Bishop Salmon almost immediately began pushing the seminary closer to Episcopalian apostates.  The invitation to Schori is a crowning jewel of that push.

Again it only takes one bishop, dean, or rector to lose an orthodox place to the dominant apostasy of a denomination like The Episcopal Church.

This is one reason Munday asserts, “You can have orthodoxy or you can have the Episcopal Church, but you can't have both.”

It’s sad to say, but I was all too right back in October 2006.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Boycott Citgo and Pray for Venezuela

Developments in Venezuela, though almost ignored by the U.S. “news” media, grow more disturbing by the day.  And do not expect Obama to pay much attention to the outrages of his Communist buddies there either.

Nonetheless, the Maduro Regime thugs are jailing and, yes, murdering their opposition.  It’s the Communist playbook all over again.

What to do?  First, do pray for Venezuela.  Second, boycott Citgo.  Citgo is owned by the government of Venezuela.  If you buy gas from them, you are financing the Maduro Regime.

By the way, I’ve been boycotting Citgo for ten years or more now, and it’s easy.  There are so many other gas stations.  So please join me.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10th Anniversary: Why the Increased Political Emphasis?

Longtime readers may have noticed that, back around 2008, I turned towards focusing more on politics.  It was not a decision I made one day, and it certainly was not a turn I intended when I began this blog ten years ago this month.  And perhaps some would I had not made that turn.

I always gave myself room to ponder “worldly things”.  And I have certainly not hid my interest in politics.  But back in 2008, I saw the danger Obama presented to this nation.  And I had enough political experience and clarity that I thought it my duty to do my part to alert people.  As in Ezekiel 33, how people respond to warnings is not my responsibility, but to sound the warning when I see danger is.

Moreover, I saw early on that the news media was going to give Obama a pass and not do much vetting at all.  Helping fix the election of the First Black President! was more the order of the day for them.  So I thought it was important for bloggers to do what the news media should have been doing.

Events have and are proving me right as they all too often do.  I was particularly prescient in pointing out Obama’s attitude about free speech, and that back in August 2008. I was also early in calling him out as a liar.

Once Obama was inaugurated, 2009 was so dark, it affected me personally.  I do not recall sharing that here, but seeing what Obama and his allies were doing to this country so quickly dragged down my spirits.

I do not know how much I will focus on politics in the future.  That depends at least in part on my interest and on the need.  Perhaps we turn back towards sanity, which may not be as blogworthy or interesting.  “May you live in interesting times” is a curse for a reason, you know.  On the other hand, if things get much worse, I may have to decide whether taking part in documenting the demise of America is something I want to take on.  There could be a point when I decide I’ve done my duty already.

Yes, I do think things are that bad.  No, the demise of the country I love is not a pleasant thing to contemplate.  I pray for my country just about every day. 

But I know we are not exempt from God’s justice and from reaping what we are sowing.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10th Anniversary: Averting the Wrath of God

With Septuagesima Sunday, the Pre-Lenten season has begun.  To avert the wrath of God against all ungodliness, we finally got around to putting away the artificial tree in the parlor.  (If the parish had listened to me, we would not have put that thing up in the first place, but anyway . . . )

At home, I put away my Epiphany lights.  Yes, they were Christmas lights, but I decided to keep them up though Epiphany season for the first time this year to help ward off seasonal disorder.  I think it helped.  But with Septuagesima, they had to go.

Which reminds me that one of the helpful things about this humble blog is I have assisted wise readers in averting the wrath of God against all liturgical abominations.  For example, I have sternly advised not to light the Paschal candle beyond Ascension Day with the warning of what might happen if you do.  (Sadly, the original links to the smiting is as defunct as the offending candle.)

In any case, cleanse your house and church of any lingering Christmas and Epiphany observances post haste!

But I will say it probably is not necessary to go quite this far in observing the Pre-Lenten season.

Friday, February 14, 2014

UPDATE: FCC Backs Off (for now)

I am heartened to see that the FCC got such an earful on their plan to pressure news outlets away from any subversive conservative bias that they have backed off . . . for now at least.

But that not before Michael Graham told them quite clearly what they could do with their pointed questions.

I wish the rest of the news media had his backbone.  I wish.

An Ignorant Dictator in a Black Robe

Whatever one thinks of gay marriage, the ruling of Federal Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen (By the way, anyone notice that the more names a woman uses, the more likely she’s a liberal drone?) striking down Virginia’s gay marriage law is tyrannical and downright ignorant.

Why tyrannical?  She struck down a Virginia Constitutional Amendment approved by voters in 2006.  She put her dictate above that of Virginians to amend their Constitution.  Her word is more important than constitutional democracy itself.

Why ignorant?  She demonstrated for all to see that she doesn’t know the Constitution from the Declaration of Independence from Obama’s . . . aura.  In an already cloyingly written ruling comes this gem:

Our Constitution declares that “all men” are created equal. . . .

That’s the Declaration of Independence that says that, lady.

But who cares about the Constitution anyway.  The whims of The Dear Leader and of allied dictators in black robes are so much more important, don’tcha know.

MORE: She is an Obama appointee.  Why am I not surprised?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Justin Welby Did See and Authorize Statement Praising Schori

I have not posted about it here, but many of my informed readers are aware that a statement was issued under Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s name praising TEC Presiding “Bishop” Katharine Schori for her “compassion” and putting her forth as a role model no less.

The statement was so divorced from the reality of her ravenous persecution of the faithful that some suggested said statement was issued by Lambeth bureaucrats without the explicit approval of Welby.

But Lambeth has since shot down that theory.  Peter Ould has passed on that they were “incredibly quick to tell me that ++Justin had seen and authorised the statement.”

And it is an outrageous and offensive statement so to praise such an apostate willful persecutor of the faithful as a compassionate role model.  I most certainly am outraged.

Long time readers know I was no fan of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury.  But Justin Welby may use up my last straw faster than Dr. Williams.  (And, for the record, Rowan used up my straw in September 2007.)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10th Anniversary: I warned you

Some may have think I have been overwrought and maybe a bit nutty when I warned again and again and again about Obama’s totalitarian streak.  Maybe I’ve lost readers over it.  So be it.  Events, all too sadly, keep proving me right.  (And I expect at a later time to explain why I’ve spent so much space warning about Obama.)

Yet I have to admit even I was shocked to read what the FCC is up to.  It is planning to pressure news outlets to avoid conservative bias – with emphasis on conservative.  Rest assured MSNBC is not being targeted.

I defer to Ace for the details and share his disquietude:

But we are witnessing here the government -- the government! -- actively seeking to create a hostile and frightening legal environment for anyone who disagrees with the leftist cause.

They are basically putting people on notice that there is a "right" way to report the news, and a "wrong" way, and the right way will let you keep your broadcasting license, and the wrong way might just lose it for you.

This is so breathtakingly unconstitutional I don't know quite what to say.

In case one thinks us alarmist, one of the FCC Commissioners has sounded the alarm as well.

But that’s not all from the Obama Regime.  His Treasury Department is trying to make it virtually illegal to take Fed government policy, namely Obamacare, into account when making decisions about hiring:

Some lawmakers, though, have claimed that the mere threat of the employer mandate is causing companies to shed full-time workers in the hope of keeping their staff size below 50 and avoiding the requirement.

Administration officials dispute that this is happening on any large scale. Further, Treasury officials said Monday that businesses will be told to “certify” that they are not shedding full-time workers simply to avoid the mandate. Officials said employers will be told to sign a “self-attestation” on their tax forms affirming this, under penalty of perjury.

Of course, Treasury has no legitimate authority to do this.  But who needs legitimate authority when you have THE DEAR LEADER!!

Sorry.  The idolatry of the OBAMA! can be so infectious.  Totalitarianism can be that way.

Anyway, this is yet another step in businesspeople becoming slaves of the state.  And if you are not allowed to take prudent measures to adjust to government taxes and regulations, that is exactly what you are.  Get used to it, serfs.

And, again, you cannot say I did not warn you about this sort of totalitarian grove thing.  No one can say this blogger did not do his duty.


By the way, today is the 10th Anniversary of this blog.  Wish I had a happier post for you.  Oh well.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Obama: “I can do whatever I want.”

I’ve spent much of the ten years of this humble blog warning about attacks on the Constitution and on the rule of law, about Obama and his totalitarian streak, and other such trifles.  Too much I’m afraid.  I actually thought such matters were important.

But now I have seen the light.  I’ve had it all wrong.  It is so much better to have a President with the fortitude to put his foot down and say, “I can do whatever I want.”*

Let’s say you are President.  I know.  Who wants anyone else to be President but Obama?  But play along with me.  Is carrying out a law you worked and lied to get passed now threatening to get your allies pasted in the mid-term elections?  Then just say “I can do whatever I want,” and put your whim above the law!  Put off key parts of that law until after those annoying mid-terms!

Well, I guess you could just cancel those annoying mid-term elections, but there’s no need to stir things up quite that much when you can just put off or ignore pesky laws and then steal win some elections with fraud, I mean, accurate and careful counting . . .  and recounting if the need arises.  Count every vote until you get the correct result!  (That’s zero wrong votes in some precincts, just so you know.)

And who cares what the law says?  After all a real American President can say, “I can do whatever I want” and then do whatever he darn well wants!  And isn’t life so much simpler that way?

So praise Dear Leader President Obama!  Because of him, I and this whole country has seen the light.  The rule of law is a triviality to be dispensed with when we have someone like Obama, whose glorious whim is so much better than any law.

And, yes, I am indeed sorry I’ve wasted so much space on this blog and on twitter whining about trifles like the Constitution.  Heck, people like me shouldn’t even have freedom of speech.  And I am so glad Obama’s IRS is dealing with that, too!

*Yes, Obama was joking . . . somewhat.  He also joked about sending the IRS after his enemies.  But nothing came of that, did it?

Monday, February 10, 2014

10th Anniversary: Finer Moments – A Resolution and a Plea

2007 was a trying year for North American Anglicans.  The Anglican Church in North America was two years away from commencing.  With one exception, dioceses had not yet left The Episcopal Church.  Orthodox American Anglicans were wrestling with what to do and where to go in light of the apostasy of The Episcopal Church.

And some of that wrestling was with each other to the point that Communion Conservatives (committed to remaining in TEC) and Federal Conservatives (of a mind to at least prepare to leave TEC) were exchanging sharp words and were *Anglican understatement alert* displeased with each other.

This was not heading in a good direction for orthodox Anglican unity.  And I was concerned that the two sides might not be able to work well  together in the future.  And so on January 2nd, 2008, I posted “A Resolution and a Plea”.  I won’t repost the whole thing, but, after expressing my concerns and confessing my awkwardness in raising the subject, I wrote:

For the sake of current and future unity and witness, both sides should step back and engage in self-criticism instead of undercutting the other side. And, yes, there has been willful undercutting of the efforts of faithful orthodox Anglicans by other committed orthodox Anglicans. That must stop.

Communion Conservatives should focus on what they are going to do in the current situation instead of undercutting what the Federal Conservatives are doing. Likewise, Federal Conservatives should focus on their direction and not ridicule the strategy of Communion Conservatives or say they are in any way unfaithful for staying.

And I include myself in that. I find some Communion Conservatives exasperating at times, and when I get in rant mode, my words can be rather sharp. So if I’ve said anything unhelpful about the Comm-Cons, I apologize. I will exercise the utmost care in what I write about them from henceforth, and I invite my good readers to hold me accountable in that.

Both sides need likewise to step back and repent or at least relent lest we become an ugly spectacle that makes our divisions harsher and more permanent and causes long lasting damage to orthodox Anglican unity and witness.

The post was much read and well received, particularly over at TitusOneNine, where it provoked not a little discussion.

And it is good today to see orthodox Anglicans in and out of The Episcopal Church on better terms today.  I doubt my post played much of a role, but if it had a small part, so much the better.


NOTE: Yes, I was “Newbie Anglican” for a time and still post as such in a place or two.  Here is an explanation of that.

Friday, February 07, 2014

10th Anniversary: Finer Moments – A Post on That Issue

I do not want to wrench my shoulder out of socket patting myself on the back.  And I’ve had my share of goofs in the ten years of this blog, such as the prediction of President Romney mentioned yesterday.  But in ten years, I’ve also had a fine moment or two.

I think one came in the very first month of this blog.  I boldly wrote a piece on gay marriage.  Yes, *that* issue, but my post was different than you might expect.  Ten years later, I still think the post in a gracious yet straightforward manner puts forth a common sense perspective on the issue in a way not many have through the years.  See if you agree.

(I’m reposting it in part to avoid the annoying formatting problems of this old post.)


There’s a huge issue that’s impossible to avoid as we ponder churchly and worldly things, particularly in Anglicanism: gay marriage. I’m not going to share my every thought on it. But I do have an unusual perspective that’s being overlooked, and the issue can hardly be avoided, so here goes.

I know this is going to sound mean, but hear me out. I’m weary of gays saying they are being deprived of marriage. If anyone is being deprived of marriage out there, hey, join the club.

You see, for most of my life, I wanted to be married in the worst way. But it never came close to happening. And I became discouraged and depressed. I felt marriage was something I wanted and needed . . . that happened to other people.

Finally, at 33 if I recall correctly, I saw I needed to radically trust God in this area, so I gritted my teeth and did so.

And I came to see that I was overrating marriage. Don’t get me wrong - marriage is a great institution made by God. But I saw that I wouldn’t want most marriages and that, as Paul wrote, singleness really does have its advantages.

In any case, almost ten years later, marriage looks even less likely for me (And I want it a lot less.). And, yeah, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to sleep alone.

But there are a lot of non-gay people like me for whom marriage just isn’t going to happen for various reasons. Do we march in the streets and demand God and the world and the church and the laws change for us? (Actually, I practically marched on God asking for marriage, but anyway . . .)

There are lots of reasons people who desire marriage don’t get that desire met. Being gay is only one of them. And, yeah, lifelong singleness is not easy. (Neither is marriage.)

But does that mean the state and the church should change the definition of marriage after thousands of years?

If that makes some gays feel deprived of marriage, then, like I said, join the club. There’re lots of us here. Sit down and have a drink.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

10th Anniversary: Predictions

During the ten years of this blog, I have at diverse times foolishly ventured to make predictions.  Sometimes, I just cannot help myself.  Sometimes I could later say, “I told you so.”  Whereas other times . . .

Anyway, I did make two very good albeit hedged predictions about the Episcopal Church way back in 2005.

First, I pretty much predicted The Episcopal Church would not be suspended from the Anglican Communion, and that during a time when there were noises that they would:

Still, I have seen liberals get away with murder in mainline denominations again and again. Partly out of that experience, my gut feeling is that the ECUSA will get away with its disregard of the instruments of authority in the Anglican Communion. Plus there has been talk that ++Rowan Williams simply will not go along with suspending the ECUSA. I do hope and pray that such talk and my gut feelings are what are being unrealistic. We’ll see.

Second, and this was even better, I predicted that 2008 would be “a year of schism.” 

I don’t know what the next three years will look like, particularly what 2008 will look like. I do think that will be a year of schism. I’m not predicting dioceses will leave ECUSA, but that is possible.

Sure enough, the dioceses of Pittsburgh, Ft. Worth, and Quincy left The Episcopal Church in 2008.  Again, I made that prediction in 2005.  I nearly forgot about that and now wish I had been more dogmatic about it!

Unfortunately, I was rather dogmatic about my prediction that Mitt Romney would be elected President.  That came to a miserable end for all to see on Election Night.

Yet the following January, I dusted myself off and bravely predicted the self-destruction of Obama, and hence began my Downfall series.  Obama seems to be getting away with so much that at times I wonder if that whole series will prove to be one big failed prediction.  We shall see.  I think the most important of my Downfall predictions is about Obamacare:

I think Obamacare will be the biggest factor in the Downfall of the Obama Regime.  Americans have been very tolerant towards Obama, too much so.  Anger and frustration with Obamacare could be the tidalwave that washes that tolerance away.  It will thereby increase the downward political drag of all the other heretofore overlooked enormities of the Obama Administration.

That one is looking it might be right at the moment.  But, as with all my foolish predictions, we shall see.

I feel like I should mark my 10th anniversary with another big and foolish brave prediction.  But I do not have one in me at the moment.  If and when I do, I’ll let you know.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

10th Anniversary: Why “WannabeAnglican”?

On this, the 10th Anniversary month of this blog, some, especially newer readers, may wonder why I’ve dubbed this blog and myself “WannabeAnglican.”  As I explained on the very first day of this blog, on said day I was not an Anglican, but very interested in becoming one.  By the time I began this blog, I was hoping there was a viable way for me to become one.  But I realized that was not a certainty due to *ahem* issues in the Anglican Communion and to my admittedly being something of a square peg.

But, thanks be to God, I did become a confirmed Anglican that September.  Which led to the issue of what I should call the blog now that I was an actual Anglican.  I eventually decided to change the name to “Newbie Anglican.”  In the title bar, I struck out “Wannabe” and replaced it with “Newbie.”

The problem was that led to some confusion.  The URL out of necessity retained the “wannabeanglican” name.  So it became confusing for people to find me.  And many remembered me as WannabeAnglican.  When some saw Newbie Anglican, they thought it might be someone else.

Then I found out – because some were so snooty as to make me find out – that since I had not joined a church in *sniff* communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, some considered me not a real Anglican.  Most of those who so opined retained barely a semblance of orthodox Anglican faith, but there you go.

So I decided to resimplify matters and also mock those who did not recognize me as an Anglican by returning to the WannabeAnglican name.  And thus I still am after almost ten years as an actual Anglican.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A Super Sunday (except for Obama)

(Yes, I am a bit slow to blog.  I’ve got so much (good stuff) on my plate, it’s spilling over.  No, I haven’t forgotten this is the 10th anniversary month of this blog.)

This past Sunday was a super one indeed for me.  I had a Super Bowl party at my place.  And I enjoyed people enjoying my place even more than I enjoyed the game.

And what a bizarre game!   I thought the Seahawks had a chance but I did not expect them to blow out the Broncos.  I really thought the Broncos might blow out the Seahawks.  I am happy for the result although during the game, I was thinking I would have enjoyed it more if I hated the Seahawks’ opposition!  And as I’ve posted, I love both the Seahawks and the Broncos.

My thoughts went back to the other time the Seahawks made the Super Bowl.  This year’s result cannot undo that travesty.  But in my heart, this one is for that team.

Before all that my Rector preached an excellent balanced sermon on authority.  Part of it comforted me by reminding me that tyrannies all come to a bad end.  I need to be so reminded frequently nowadays!

Speaking of which, the more I think of Obama’s Sunday interview, particularly his assertion that there is “not even a smidgeon of corruption” in IRS targeting of conservatives, the more I shake my head.  To adapt a proverb, “The tyrant wipes his mouth and says, ‘I have done no wrong.’”

Oh, and the attention on IRS targeting is Fox News’ fault.  Yeah.

This is the sort of absurdity one hears from tyrants when their evil is being exposed.  It may come back to bite Obama.  It certainly should.