Thursday, August 06, 2009

Obama Wants You to Snitch on Free Speech!

I’ve more than once noted that the Obama Administration has a creepy totalitarian side to it. Well, here they go again. This time the White House blog in a now infamous post, urges people to report those who are saying “fishy” things about Obamacare. The speech snitch e-mail is if you wish to report me.

As you can imagine, some are having a bit of fun with this.

But it really is creepy, to say the least. Urging people to snitch on speech is the sort of thing totalitarian regimes do. And just exactly what will the White House do with a list of dissidents? Senator John Cornyn is right to call out Obama on this.

By the way, can you imagine the furor if Bush had a speech snitch e-mail address? The Lib/Left gave him grief when he urged people to report what might be terrorist activity, a far cry from political speech snitching. Where now is the Left’s outrage?

:crickets chirping:


Pois said...

Under Portugal and Salazar, see references to PIDE, the Political Police.
Then you've see where HOPE and CHANCE will lead...

Pois said...

"In 1936, the prison of Tarrafal was created in the Portuguese colony of Cape Verde. This camp, under the direct control of the PVDE, was the destination for those political prisoners considered dangerous by the regime. Throughout the more than 40 years of the Estado Novo, 32 people lost their lives in Tarrafal, which was known for its severe methods of torture."