Monday, August 17, 2009

No Safe Place: The Big Problem for the Diocese of South Carolina

I won’t parse Bishop Lawrence’s address of last week. Nor will I question his integrity or orthodoxy, both of which are above reproach.

But I will agree with Texanglican when he nails the big problem for the Diocese of South Carolina or any other orthodox diocese remaining in the Episcopal Church:

Sadly absolutely nothing proposed in this new "middle way" will save DioSC in the long run. One day the worthy Bishop Lawrence will leave the scene and they will have to elect a new bishop. And as long as they remain under the Constitutions and Canons of TEC their new-bishop elect, whoever he is, will have to receive consents from a majority of the heretical leadership of TEC in order to be consecrated. Any plan DioSC adopts now that does not rapidly move toward departure from TEC will eventually spell their doom.

Indeed, just as any man who refuses to ordain women has a snowball’s chance of receiving the needed consents to become a bishop in the Episcopal Church, so is the day is coming when any uncompromisingly orthodox man will be unable to receive the needed consents. And the example of Lawrence’s laborious consent process confirms that day may be very near. For that reason alone (although there are numerous reasons), any diocese which hopes to remain orthodox in The Episcopal Church is either fooling themselves or relying on a prolonged miracle from the Lord – which is not unlike staying in the Niagara River upstream from a certain waterfall.

Methinks it wiser to pray for God’s protection . . . then get the heck out.

For, as I’ve said more than once, there is no safe place for the orthodox in The Episcopal Church.

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