Friday, August 21, 2009

Ted Kennedy, Democracy, and the Rule of Law

As you may have noticed, a recurring topic of this blog is how Democrats, among others, subvert democracy and the rule of law through rigging the political process by various means. I have particularly focused on election fraud.

But Democrats can be lot more creative than stuffing the ballot box. Exhibit A is Senator Ted Kennedy. You’ve got to hand it to the man – he is creative and shameless to the end. Hot Air sums up what I mean quite well:

During the time Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, Senator John Kerry ran for President and looked at times that he might win. The state legislature, egged on by Kerry’s Senate partner Ted Kennedy, changed the law regarding the selection of a replacement Senator to require a state election, keeping Romney from the possibility of appointing — quelle horreur! — a Republican in Kerry’s place. Now that Ted Kennedy is perhaps too ill to continue, Kennedy now wants the law changed back, since there’s a Democrat in the governor’s chair.

By all means, it is more important to get and keep Democrats in power than to guard the integrity of our democracy. One must have one’s priorities. But Ted Kennedy’s priorities, as always, may be slightly out of whack.

The rule of law prevails because it’s seen by most as a fair, non-partisan measure of public behavior. There are good arguments to be made for both gubernatorial appointment and special elections as processes for filling mid-term vacancies in Congress. However, actions by a state legislature and demands by partisan hacks to keep going back and forth depending on the party registration of the Governor makes a mockery of the rule of law and underscores the fact that machine politics runs Massachusetts.

Well said. And similar things could be said for New Jersey, which blatantly violated state election laws by putting Frank Lautenberg on the ballot well after the last minute back in 2002. Heck, with Al Franken, Tim Johnson, and other illegitimate senators (not to mention numerous federal judges who ignore the Constitution), Democrats are well on the way to turning this whole country into a Democrat political machine, democracy be damned. So, by all means, let’s get yet another tainted Senator from Massachusetts while we’re at it.

[catches breath, wipes foam from mouth]

Ted Kennedy and friends have better watch themselves and their machine politics, however. Sometimes, it backfires.

Back in 1959, Texas, a one-party Democrat state back then, passed the LBJ Law. You see, Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson was running for president. so they decided to rig the situation by passing a law that allowed a man to run for either pres or vice-pres and for Senate.

Well, when LBJ was elected vice-president, the LBJ Law therefore created a Senate vacancy. So there was special election in 1961 . . . and John Tower became the first Republican since Reconstruction to be elected Senator from Texas. It was the first crack in Democrat one-party Texas.

So what goes around comes around. I hope the Democrat’s comeuppance comes at the ballot box as in 1961 Texas. I fear that contempt for the rule of law will instead inspire . . . more contempt for the rule of law.

God didn’t say “You reap what you sow” for nothing.

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