Monday, August 24, 2009

Corpus Christi Obamacare Protest

Saturday, I drove to Congressman Solomon (aka Solobama) Ortiz’s office in Corpus Christi, Texas to join a protest against Obamacare and against Ortiz’s support of it and unwillingness to hold a real town hall to listen to his constituents.

There was a good size crowd there. Those opposed to Obamacare outnumbered those in support by 4-to-1 or more. And that even though unions tried to get their people out. One teacher there I know, who is opposed to Obamacare, said he got an e-mail urging him to come out in support.

As for Obamacare “mobs” being organized “astroturf,” no one e-mailed or called me. I found out about the protest in the newspaper even though I’m more politically active than most. This protest was hardly the work of political operatives.

I’m pleased to report the protest was peaceful. There were a few vigorous discussions between the two sides, but nothing approaching violence as in other places. You may find a video of the protest here. But it’s not very exciting. No blood, smashing windows, silly street theater or burning flags. We’re not Leftists.

Well, I almost forgot to mention two or three Lefties supporting Obamacare were in silly white robes and white face.

The Corpus Christi rag coverage was a joke. No mention that those opposed to Obamacare greatly outnumbered those in support. And you almost have to read between the lines to figure out that we were also protesting against Ortiz and his refusal to hold a real town hall. Geez, it was at his office, and we chanted “Where’s Ortiz?” Put two and two together, “reporters”.

But it was nevertheless a successful protest. When one considers how conservatives historically are not the types to get out and protest in the streets, this and protests against Obamacare across the country are remarkable indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Good you understand that Rep. Ortiz's cowardly absence was planned by his 'handlers' well in advance of the demonstration, and that the local newspaper (the fish wrap) is worthless use of good raw material. The media is stuffed with lies and misinformation, and the liberal C-T rag is no exception.