Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Last Sermon of Presiding Bishop Royal Grote, R. I. P.

Friday morning, I was among the many who received the shocking news of the passing of Royal Grote, the Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church.  (My apologies for the delay in posting.  First, I was at a loss for words.  And then I lacked adequate internet.)

It was a particular shock to me as he stayed overnight at my house while visiting my parish this year, and his health seemed excellent.  Those I’ve touched base with yesterday agree that this was very sudden.

But it was peaceful.  He went to sleep and woke up in heaven.

Do pray for his family and many friends.  And pray for the Reformed Episcopal Church and for the Anglican Church in North America.  We have lost a humble and great laborer and saint.

His last sermon this past Sunday, the Sunday Next Before Advent, is perceptive and edifying as was typical of him.  I commend it to you.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leftists Show How Much They Respect Constitutional Democracy and The Rule of Law

Liberals and Leftists have oft shown us how much they disrespect American Constitutional democracy and the rule of law.  Yes, some liberals and Leftists do respect the rules of the political process set up by our Constitution.  But they are few and getting fewer I’m afraid.

The response to the Gay Marriage ruling illustrated that.  How many on the Left were concerned about the Supreme Court running roughshod over Constitutional democracy?  How many were concerned about the stated danger to Freedom of Religion?  How many had the intellectual and ethical honesty to see the ends do not justify arbitrary tyrannical means?

That is just one episode.  We got another last night or several actually.  In cities across the country, Leftists protested against the undisputed results of a free election. 

Let that sink in.

And not all the protests were peaceful.

Again and with emphasis, Leftists only respect constitutional democracy when they win.


Housekeeping: Due to a technical issue, I had to change the template of this blog.  There wasn’t too much damage, but my sidebar links were lost.

I think I will take the opportunity of this change and of the election to make some further changes.  I already find it necessary to post less frequently due to studies and other priorities.  That may continue.  So I will likely be more selective in posting, particularly on political matters.  Other venues are better for most political posts anyway.

I will also remake my link list at some point.

I hope my studies will equip me to focus this blog more on erudite and edifying considerations.  Right now, the time studies and life in general are taking is not allowing that as much as I want.

Speaking of which, back to the books.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Post-Election Thoughts

I’m somehow functioning this morning after what was an emotional roller coaster for me yesterday and last night.  So I guess I should remark on the election, but I will keep it in short bursts, perhaps adding this or that during the day.

It is nice to have some hope after a presidential election.  I forgot what that felt like.  No, last night does not cure all ills.  Yes, I know Trump is no perfect vessel.  And, as Ace and friends point out, we must continue to fight the Left and the Washington establishment, including the Republican establishment.  For “evil never rests.”  And the evil establishment (There. I said it.) will do all they can to once again thwart the will of the American people.  With Ace, “I'm tired of elections having consequences only if our side loses.”

It will be interesting to see how much the RINO GOP establishment tries to thwart Trump and his voters.  Has the GOP finally learned its lesson?  Their ignoring, hell, practically crapping on the Republican base and on right-thinking independents is what created Trump.  Do they hear us now?

And let there be no mistake.  Americans just gave the Establishment of both parties the biggest, fattest middle finger in history.  The Establishment asked for it and deserved it.  This country badly needed it.  And I rejoice in it!


It will be nice to pray for my President during the Daily Office with a whole heart.  I’ve forgotten what that felt like, too.


What makes Trump’s victory all the more impressive is he overcame attempts to rig the election.  There is no question there was election fraud.  For one instance, a Virginia friend of mine of impeccable honesty tried to vote yesterday.  He could not because someone had stolen his name to vote absentee.

The only question is how massive was the fraud.  It wasn’t massive enough for Hillary.  Good!


In her overdue concession speech, Hillary uses that “freedom of worship” bit again.  It’s FREEDOM OF RELIGION!

Thank God that tyrannical crook was defeated.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Worst Case Scenario Revisited

Last month (while Hillary was still well ahead in the polls, by the way), I set forth the unpleasant possibility of a worst case scenario for the election tomorrow, of Hillary winning (which is unpleasant enough already), but with such a narrow margin in a key state or two that questions arise of whether vote fraud won it for her.

And there is ample reason to believe there has already been a lot of vote fraud and other election rigging.  Clinton Crime Family member Gov. McAuliffe of swing state Virginia has restored voting “rights” to 60,000 felons.  President Obama has openly encouraged illegals to go ahead and vote - you’ll get away with it.  Yes, I didn’t believe it at first either, even from Obama, but watch for yourself.

And that is just for starters.  I will go so far to opine that if Hillary’s “victory” margin is “winning” one or two states by less than 5,000, I can just about guarantee you election rigging “won” it for her.  Further, I have a hard time seeing how Hillary can win a clean election now.  The Trump momentum and enthusiasm is that strong.  So guess what the Clinton Crime Family is willing to do to win?

If that happens . . . well, I’m afraid to go much into possible consequences in print.  This country is so divided and angry, no telling what a stolen election or the perception thereof would bring about.

Pray for America.


I may liveblog the election tomorrow night with the assistance of ale, but I’m not sure I will have the heart or even the ale for that.  I will surely be posting a lot on my twitter feed.  But be warned that can be a slightly higher temperature than this blog.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Vote in Self-Defense

I noted yesterday that Hillary clearly is not running to be President of Deplorable Americans but only of those roughly 40% who can stomach her and especially of those who have bought her.

Her open attacks on the Deplorables who dare to support Trump are something I cannot remember from a Presidential candidate in my lifetime.

And these attacks will surely not remain merely rhetorical under a Clinton presidency.  The Obama Regime attacked opponents, IRS targeting being only the most infamous of the attacks.  Those attacks will continue and likely get worse under Clinton.

And, Christian, you are in the crosshairs as well.  Hillary has used the weasel phrase “freedom of worship” instead of freedom of religion. “Freedom of worship” translated means you can worship in private as you please (maybe), but forget about the freedom to live out your antiquated bigoted religious convictions publicly.  So pay for abortions and bake me a gay wedding cake while you’re at it, peon.

I know some Christians have having trouble voting for Trump.  As one who supported Rand Paul, then Walker, then Fiorina, then Cruz, trust me, I understand!

But there are times when we have to do what we would rather not do to defend ourselves, our families, and our friends.  That is why we have militaries and why many of us own guns.  I don’t want to shoot anyone, but if a home invader crashes through my door when I’m home, he will be lucky to leave my home alive.  That doesn’t make me a bad Christian who devalues life; that makes me a Christian who values the life God gave me.  Leaving (mistaken) arguments for pacifism aside, there are times to defend ourselves by measures we would rather not have to take.

Now is such a time.

I didn’t want to vote for Trump at all a few months ago either.  Yes, I did consider going third party.  But this week I voted for Trump in early voting.  Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family – and don’t be na├»ve, they are criminals – consider decent Americans, especially traditional Christian Americans, their enemies.  And they will use the raw power of the Federal Government to attack us “deplorables” and our freedoms, just as Obama did and more.

This is not time for ethical fastidiousness or of pious passivity.  (And, yes, I am seeing too much of that from Christian friends.)  This is a time to stand up for your freedom and for the freedom of your friends and family and, yes, of your church.  That vicious vindictive criminal tyrant Hillary Clinton must be stopped for the sake of church and country. 

You don’t like Trump?  Fine.  But vote for Trump anyway . . . in self-defense.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Deplorables 2 and What Hillary Really Is Running For

Overnight, Hillary once again let it be known what she really thinks of Trump supporters.

If her screeching is NSFW, she said, “I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and the anger of people who support Donald Trump.” 

Quite a follow up to her “Basket of Deplorables” remarks a few weeks ago, is it not?

Has there ever been a presidential candidate who has so openly attacked law-abiding citizens?

If it hasn’t become clear already, it is certainly clear now – Hillary is not running for President of the United States.  She is running to be President of the 40% who can stomach her, especially those who have her bought.  The rest of us, especially Trump supporters, are deplorable, negative, dark, divisive (Irony anyone?), dangerous, angry enemies . . . or at the very least not supporters of the Clinton Crime Family.

And we know what crime families do to those who refuse support.

Those who think it wise to be a Never Trumper need to think again.  I may expand on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Fix or Panic? . . . Or Both?

Well, after all these months of dragging their feet about investigating Hillary Clinton, NOW Obama’s Department of “Justice” wants to expedite a new investigation of Hillary’s e-mails discovered on the laps of the lovely Huma-Weiner couple.  Gosh, I wonder why the change of heart?

And look who’s is in charge of that – one Peter Kadzik who has a long record of being involved in cleaning up the Clinton’s messes.  So don’t be surprised if an announcement comes from the DOJ before Election Day: “Nothing to see here.  Move along and vote for Hillary.”

It will be interesting to see how much the FBI goes along with such a charade.  FBI Director Comey already has defied AG Loretta Lynch on this matter once.  At the same time, it would not surprise me if he would take the opportunity to wash his hands of this.

No so by the way, I suspect one reason Obama’s DOJ is rushing to fix this matter is panic.  And I fully understand if the DemocRATS are panicking; I really do.  If the perpetually rigged ABC-Washington Post poll now has Trump ahead, you know Hillary is in trouble.