Friday, October 02, 2015

Want to Play the Oregon Shooting Blame Game? 

Before I rant start, the ignored obvious should be stated: the one to be blamed above all for the Oregon shooting yesterday is one Chris Harper Mercer.  And in a healthy, sane culture, it would be left largely at that.

But the political culture of the United States is hardly healthy and too rarely sane.  So, as always after a shooting not in Chicago, the Left is oh-so-eager to play the blame game to push gun confiscation, and Obama practically ran to the podium to do just that, of course.

But I will be a sport.  Does Obama and the Leftist fanboys want to play the Blame Game?  Then let’s play!

Umpqua Community College was a gun-free zone or at least the equivalent as confirmed by the UCC president.

Oh, the Left is doing their worst best to dispute that inconvenient fact.  They are failing.

As, sadly, in the Aurora shooting, this policy makes victims sitting ducks and is practically an invitation to shooters who prefer their victims unarmed.

At the very least, gun control on this campus did nothing to prevent this incident.  Likely, it made it worse.

Further, although the Democrat “mainstream” news media has yet to say much about it, there is very good reason to believe Chris Harper Mercer targeted Christians, as one young woman in the room testified before undergoing surgery.

The Left has created a hostile atmosphere against Christians in much of this country, particularly against Christians who hold firmly to traditional morality and refuse to participate in its destruction.  You can cut this atmosphere with a knife on the Left Coast.  Vilify even a peaceful, law-abiding demographic enough and allow such vilification legitimacy in a culture or subculture, and wronged-headed men could act out violently on that. 

And one did.

I will mercifully stop there.  But does the Left really want to play the Blame Game with this atrocity against Christians?  And that when the Left vilifies and disarms Christians and would surely go further in vilifying and disarming them?

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Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Problem with “Dialogue” 

Eric Sammons over at OnePeterFive (Why did I not hear of this site before yesterday?) has posted an excellent article on the problems with dialogue with libchurchers (my word, not his).  His summary of the process of dialogue reflects very well what I’ve seen in the Anglican Communion and in mainline Protestant denominations:


The Teaser:  Some fringe radical theologian, or perhaps even a bishop, proposes a new teaching/practice contrary to Catholic Tradition.

The Trouble: Progressives come around to embrace the idea, and begin to promote it more and more vigorously. Faithful Catholics, on the other hand, resist the proposal, noting its conflict with perennial Church teaching/practice.

The “Muddle”: Progressives, as well as their unwitting lackeys among conservative Catholics, call for “dialogue.”

The Triumph: Progressives continue calling for dialogue ad infinitum until the progressive proposal is accepted either de jure or de facto. (Sorry, 60’s progressives – forgot the trigger warning before all that Latin).

The Kicker: Reset to a new “normal” before beginning the process all over again for the next, more radical, issue.


Too true.  Do read his whole straight-spoken yet thoughtful article for more.

I have long distrusted “dialogue” as a sham, a tactic libchurchers use to browbeat traditionalists until they get their way.  Then the matter is settled, of course.  “Dialogue” seems to always win with liberal victory over Biblical truth and morality.  And that, in fact, is the plan and only acceptable outcome for most libchurchers who clamor for dialogue.

And in “dialogue,” libchurchers usually deny or distort what God has clearly said in His Word.  Heck, the key words in the first serpentine dialogue were “Did God actually say . . .?”  As Eve found out the hard way, dialogue with liars is pointless and dangerous.

Better if Eve had said, “Shut up, snake.” And best we follow the example of the Fathers and put lying heretics and apostates in their place instead of “dialoguing” with them.  For “dialogue” with lies only serves to add legitimacy to lies and liars.


Please note that cutting off false teachers and clergy is what is called for.  Humble sincere seekers and new converts (or those who later in life decide to get more serious about their faith) are virtually all little heretics in some fashion, as I was, until they undergo patient orthodox Biblical instruction.  Gentle, loving but persistent teaching and discussion with them is a vital part of good evangelism and catechism.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Francis Divides Even First Things 

Anyone who doubts that Pope Francis is dividing the faithful (The world on the other hand seems united in loving him.) should note a fracas at First Things. 

Yesterday, Maureen Mullarkey posted on her blog there a piece on Pope Francis’ U. S. tour, and it pulled few punches.  The editor of First Things, R. R. Reno, in turn not only pulled the piece but evicted her blog before sundown.

His announcement and explanation of the move may be found here.  This complaint of his stood out to me:

[Mullarkey] consistently treats him as an ideological propagandist, accusing him of reducing the faith to secular political categories.

Hmm.  Did not Reno follow the Pope’s trip?  Francis is “an ideological propagandist” who at least comes close to making Leftist politics matters of faith, particularly when it comes to “climate change” and immigration.*  One can disagree with that perception, but to banish it is what the Left does.

The piece that prompted the banishment may be found over at OnePeterFive, Mullarkey’s new blog home.  And, as I said, it pulls few punches.  I can understand (though I might still disagree) if First Things would prefer to cease hosting her for reasons of tone.  She does not sound like a First Things contributor.  But then neither do I on most days.  And I like some "tirades" with my ale myself.

But the manner in which Reno banished her and his explanation for so doing concern this long time First Things subscriber.  If one must be polite and reserved and all that at First Things in calling out church leaders who hijack the faith to push Leftist politics, then perhaps it is time my support comes to an end.

I have not decided.  I will exercise more restraint than R. R. Reno has.  But I will be watching First Things more closely henceforth.


*As I write this, word just came that the Vatican has confirmed that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis and encouraged her.  And I have to be fair and give a tip of the hat to that.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Michaelmas – Looking Back . . . and Forward 

Today is Michaelmas.  Long time readers may remember that this day has a lot of memories attached to it for me.

This year, Michaelmas also has me looking forward.  For there is a possibility that, this day next year, I will be about to begin studies for a one year degree (namely an M.S.) at Oxford.  Yes, there would be more at stake this time than my past two Oxford stints.  I would be an official student of the University of Oxford seeking an actual Oxford degree.  Imagine that.

The questions are how viable is that possibility and to what extent should I pursue it.  And I think I have to make a decision on that well before Christmas.  So, yes, all prayers for wisdom would be appreciated.

I’m a bit torn.  I know it would be a wonderful and intellectually profitable experience of a lifetime that would open doors for me.  I also know that it would be hard work that would tax my no longer unlimited energy.  Not to mention I have never endured an Oxford winter.

So, yes, do join me in praying for wisdom and guidance.  Particularly in this area, I want to do what God wants me to do.   

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Friday, September 25, 2015

No. Just No. Pope Francis Participating in 9-11 Memorial Interfaith Service 

I am disappointed (although I should now be at the point where nothing from the current Pope should surprise nor disappoint me) that Pope Francis is about to participate in an interfaith service at Ground Zero.  By lending legitimacy to false religion, the Pope is leading people astray.

As I’ve posted before, Christians are not to “give any space to the deadly delusion that Christianity is an optional way to God, and Islam et al are alternative ways to God.  Yes, these are the chief reasons I oppose virtually all interfaith services.”


Housekeeping: I was going to give links, but they were so obnoxious with ads, pop-ups, etc. I decided to spare you.  As I have gotten fed up with a number of sites in that regard, that may become my policy.

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I had something else in mind to post, but I cannot let pass the news that Speaker Boehner will resign in October. 

He has not yet announced it, but I suspect what is behind this.  He is determined to avoid a government shutdown even if that means continuing to fund the baby butchers of Planned Parenthood among other enormities.  He realizes his position among House Republicans would be untenable then.  So he is going to push through the crap sandwich then fall on his sword rather than become a de facto Democrat Speaker of the House.  Again, this is my speculation.

In any case, I am very glad to see him go.  If my and other congressmen had done their duty it would have happened a long time ago.

By the way, if you follow my twitter, you knew about this before the great unwashed:

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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Vatican: “It’s a Trap!” 

Tuesday, I warned that Pope Francis may be walking into a White House trap of Obama’s making, namely a problematic guest list, accompanied by the usual photo ops. 

Due to my outstanding humility, I cannot claim credit, but I am heartened to see the Vatican sees the trap very much as I do.  From the WSJ (paywall):

On the eve of Pope Francis ’s arrival in the U.S., the Vatican has taken offense at the Obama administration’s decision to invite to the pope’s welcome ceremony transgender activists, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and an activist nun who leads a group criticized by the Vatican for its silence on abortion and euthanasia.

According to a senior Vatican official, the Holy See worries that any photos of the pope with these guests at the White House welcoming ceremony next Wednesday could be interpreted as an endorsement of their activities.

Exactly. . . .  And you heard it here first.

You can also read a longer quote from the article with some background here.

Of course, seeing a trap and not walking into it are not necessarily the same thing.  Wednesday might be interesting.

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