Monday, January 16, 2017

Remember This Week

After DemocRATS and other Leftists once again and in numerous ways show their contempt for American Constitutional democracy by protesting against the inauguration of a freely and fairly elected President – let that sink in: they are protesting against the result of a free and fair election – after Democrats again really show what they think about Constitutional democracy, remember this week. 

I’ve said it before, but I will repeat it and will keep repeating it because it must be remembered: Leftists and the Democrat Party they now control only respect Constitutional democracy when they win.

And that is why our political disagreements are at a different level and of a greater importance than decades ago.  But I will let that subject pass for a later time.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lame Duck Presidents Should Be Made More Lame

A follow-up to last night’s post: Mark Levin, prompted by how Obama and his stooges have conducted themselves since the election, last night proposed a Constitutional Amendment sharply limiting the power of an outgoing President between an election and the Inauguration of the next POTUS.

I concur although I’m not sure of the best form of such an amendment.  Levin’s proposal of a shorter lame duck period has problems.  For one thing, what if there is a lengthy election dispute as in 2000?  But the UK seems to do just fine with an immediate transition. 

I do think a provision that no new executive orders or regulations can be issued without 2/3s approval of both houses of Congress would be good.  I also reluctantly see the need to limit pardon power in the lame duck period.  Ideally, an ethical POTUS would make just but unpopular pardons as he departs.  But a corrupt and unaccountable POTUS can do too much damage . . . which is what I expect from Obama this coming week.

We can thank Bill Clinton especially for the need for a Constitutional Amendment.  The manner in which he and Hillary left the White House in 2001, particularly his pardons, was beyond despicable.  Yet, thanks to the Democrat “News” Media and predominantly Democrat faux historians as well as Establishment Republican cowards helping the rest of us to forget (Well, curmudgeons like me never forget.), the two suffered no lasting political consequence.  She was elected Senator and came too close to being elected President.

Thus, the Clintons showed that a DemocRAT POTUS can do pretty much whatever he wants as he leaves with little if any lasting harm to his reputation and standing.  (We would never be allowed to forget if a Republican POTUS so departed scandalously, of course.)

Which is one reason never to elect a DemocRAT as President ever again.  But we are not that rational of a country.  So a Constitutional Amendment is needful to protect us from outgoing DemocRATS and from ourselves.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Last Vomit of Obama

I never was one of those who expected Obama to leave with class.  His conduct towards political opponents has rarely exhibited class.  Why would he change that now?

With just over a week to go, he left a nasty rotten egg for Cubans, who tend to be Republican, and Trump by ending long standing U. S. policy towards refugees from Cuba.  And that without any concessions from Cuba and without any assurances that those returned to Cuba would not be thrown into the gulag with other numerous political prisoners.

I guess Obama likes the idea of Republicans and future Republicans in political prison.  Contrast this with his almost as cynical immigration policies on the Mexican border flooding this country with future Democrats.

This was a truly cynical spiteful evil act.  It demonstrated an ugliness beyond what even I expected.

And there is yet still a week to go until Inauguration Day.

Therefore, I give my first prediction of 2017 – one I hope does not come true:  Obama will uncork some over the top spiteful ugliness in this last week beyond anything a past outgoing president has dared to do.

It could come in the form of pardons.  Presidents usually offer a number of pardons as they leave office.  Bill Clinton offered some awful ones, including the infamous pardon of Marc Rich.  I expect Obama to outdo the cynical evil of Clinton in his pardons.  But I expect more than pardons.

I think there is even a change that Obama’s last week, the last vomit of Obama, will be so outrageous that Trump will publicly disinvite him to the Inauguration.

On a lighter note, the title of this post is inspired by the phrase “the last vomit of Satan” said some years back.  Trivia question:  What Texas preacher said that, and what was he describing?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Favorite Moment from the Sessions Confirmation Hearings

My favorite ten minutes, actually.  During the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings, I kept shouting at the television asking myself where were these oh-so concerned Democrats when Obama and his stooge Eric Holder were tearing up the Rule of Law again and again for years?  Finally, Ted Cruz pointed out the herd of elephants in the room:

These screaming Leftist protesters who interrupted Cruz just gave punctuation to the fact that Democrats and other Leftists ignored the truth about the Obama Regime for eight years.  They don’t want to hear the truth, much less act upon it, and don’t want you to hear the truth either.

For those who don’t want to watch the video or who just want to bask in Cruz’s truth-telling, here’s the text of the core of Cruz’s speech:

For eight years we have seen a Department of Justice consistently disregarding the rule of law. When Eric Holder's Department of Justice allowed illegal gun transactions, illegally sold guns to Mexican gun traffickers as part of Fast and Furious, guns that were later used to murder border patrol agent Brian Terry, the Democratic members of this committee were silent. When Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with Congress' investigation into Fast and Furious, once again, the Democratic members of this committee were silent. When the IRS illegally targeted United States citizens for exercising their First Amendment views, for exercising their roles in the political process, Democratic members of this committee were silent. When the Department of Justice refused to fairly investigate the IRS targeting citizens and indeed assigned the investigation to a liberal partisan Democrat who had given over $6,000 to President Obama and Democrats, Democrats on this committee were silent.

When numerous members of this committee called on the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to ensure that justice was done in the IRS case, Democrats on this committee were silent. When the Department of Justice used Operation Choke Point to target legal businesses because they disagreed politically with those businesses, the Democrats on this committee were silent. When the Obama Justice Department sent millions of dollars of taxpayer money to sanctuary cities that were defying federal immigration law, the Democrats on this committee were silent. When the Obama administration refused to enforce federal immigration laws and unilaterally rewrote those laws, the Democrats on this committee were silent. When the Obama administration released tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens, including rapists and murderers into the general population, Democrats on this committee were silent. When the Department of Justice signed off on the Obama administration paying a nearly $2 billion ransom to Iran contrary to federal law, the Democrats on this committee were silent.

When the Obama administration ignored and rewrote provision after provision of Obamacare, contrary to the text of the law, the Democrats on this committee were silent. When the Obama administration signed off on illegal recess appointments that the Supreme Court had to strike down unanimously, the Democrats on this committee were silent. And when the Obama administration released five Guantanamo terrorists without the prior notification of Congress, the Democrats on this committee were silent.

Cruz went on to take Al Franken especially to task.

I think we need more of this.  Having apparently learned nothing from the past two elections, Democrats are already doubling down on their double standards and their lies.  We need to double down on telling the truth about them.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Happy Epiphany

I hope all my readers have a blessed Epiphany.

I had something more profound to say.  But I lack the energy to do that and get my paper done.

But I haven’t forgotten you all.  The paper should be finished next week.  Then I hope to blog more . . . at least until my next course.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

As if I don’t hate the 49ers enough already . . .

. . . My contempt for the San Francisco 49ers is even greater now.

The San Francisco 49ers have bestowed upon Colin Kaepernick the highly prestigious Len Eshmont Award.

The award, which the team presents to the 49er who “best exemplifies the inspirational and courageous play of Len Eshmont, an original member of the 1946 49ers team,” is given annually and voted on by the players.

Kaepernick’s season-long protest against alleged racial inequality in America apparently “inspired” teammates to name him for the award.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

How can I beat this prediction?

This is a time when many make predictions for the coming year.  But a prediction I made last year was so good, there is no way I can top it.  So I simply say . . . I told you so . . . back in January 2016:

Can it be any clearer that a lot of people out there are angry at being unrepresented by the establishments of both parties?

So I’ve got a 2016 prediction you can add to the zillions you’ve heard already ‘cept mine is better.  2016 will be the Revenge of the Unrepresented.   One result will be the nomination of Donald Trump this summer or the defeat of Hillary Clinton this November. 

And do not be too shocked if it will be both.

Dang, I’m good sometimes!

I hope all my good readers have a Happy New Year.