Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leftists Show How Much They Respect Constitutional Democracy and The Rule of Law

Liberals and Leftists have oft shown us how much they disrespect American Constitutional democracy and the rule of law.  Yes, some liberals and Leftists do respect the rules of the political process set up by our Constitution.  But they are few and getting fewer I’m afraid.

The response to the Gay Marriage ruling illustrated that.  How many on the Left were concerned about the Supreme Court running roughshod over Constitutional democracy?  How many were concerned about the stated danger to Freedom of Religion?  How many had the intellectual and ethical honesty to see the ends do not justify arbitrary tyrannical means?

That is just one episode.  We got another last night or several actually.  In cities across the country, Leftists protested against the undisputed results of a free election. 

Let that sink in.

And not all the protests were peaceful.

Again and with emphasis, Leftists only respect constitutional democracy when they win.


Housekeeping: Due to a technical issue, I had to change the template of this blog.  There wasn’t too much damage, but my sidebar links were lost.

I think I will take the opportunity of this change and of the election to make some further changes.  I already find it necessary to post less frequently due to studies and other priorities.  That may continue.  So I will likely be more selective in posting, particularly on political matters.  Other venues are better for most political posts anyway.

I will also remake my link list at some point.

I hope my studies will equip me to focus this blog more on erudite and edifying considerations.  Right now, the time studies and life in general are taking is not allowing that as much as I want.

Speaking of which, back to the books.

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