Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Post-Election Thoughts

I’m somehow functioning this morning after what was an emotional roller coaster for me yesterday and last night.  So I guess I should remark on the election, but I will keep it in short bursts, perhaps adding this or that during the day.

It is nice to have some hope after a presidential election.  I forgot what that felt like.  No, last night does not cure all ills.  Yes, I know Trump is no perfect vessel.  And, as Ace and friends point out, we must continue to fight the Left and the Washington establishment, including the Republican establishment.  For “evil never rests.”  And the evil establishment (There. I said it.) will do all they can to once again thwart the will of the American people.  With Ace, “I'm tired of elections having consequences only if our side loses.”

It will be interesting to see how much the RINO GOP establishment tries to thwart Trump and his voters.  Has the GOP finally learned its lesson?  Their ignoring, hell, practically crapping on the Republican base and on right-thinking independents is what created Trump.  Do they hear us now?

And let there be no mistake.  Americans just gave the Establishment of both parties the biggest, fattest middle finger in history.  The Establishment asked for it and deserved it.  This country badly needed it.  And I rejoice in it!


It will be nice to pray for my President during the Daily Office with a whole heart.  I’ve forgotten what that felt like, too.


What makes Trump’s victory all the more impressive is he overcame attempts to rig the election.  There is no question there was election fraud.  For one instance, a Virginia friend of mine of impeccable honesty tried to vote yesterday.  He could not because someone had stolen his name to vote absentee.

The only question is how massive was the fraud.  It wasn’t massive enough for Hillary.  Good!


In her overdue concession speech, Hillary uses that “freedom of worship” bit again.  It’s FREEDOM OF RELIGION!

Thank God that tyrannical crook was defeated.

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