Thursday, November 03, 2016

Vote in Self-Defense

I noted yesterday that Hillary clearly is not running to be President of Deplorable Americans but only of those roughly 40% who can stomach her and especially of those who have bought her.

Her open attacks on the Deplorables who dare to support Trump are something I cannot remember from a Presidential candidate in my lifetime.

And these attacks will surely not remain merely rhetorical under a Clinton presidency.  The Obama Regime attacked opponents, IRS targeting being only the most infamous of the attacks.  Those attacks will continue and likely get worse under Clinton.

And, Christian, you are in the crosshairs as well.  Hillary has used the weasel phrase “freedom of worship” instead of freedom of religion. “Freedom of worship” translated means you can worship in private as you please (maybe), but forget about the freedom to live out your antiquated bigoted religious convictions publicly.  So pay for abortions and bake me a gay wedding cake while you’re at it, peon.

I know some Christians have having trouble voting for Trump.  As one who supported Rand Paul, then Walker, then Fiorina, then Cruz, trust me, I understand!

But there are times when we have to do what we would rather not do to defend ourselves, our families, and our friends.  That is why we have militaries and why many of us own guns.  I don’t want to shoot anyone, but if a home invader crashes through my door when I’m home, he will be lucky to leave my home alive.  That doesn’t make me a bad Christian who devalues life; that makes me a Christian who values the life God gave me.  Leaving (mistaken) arguments for pacifism aside, there are times to defend ourselves by measures we would rather not have to take.

Now is such a time.

I didn’t want to vote for Trump at all a few months ago either.  Yes, I did consider going third party.  But this week I voted for Trump in early voting.  Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family – and don’t be na├»ve, they are criminals – consider decent Americans, especially traditional Christian Americans, their enemies.  And they will use the raw power of the Federal Government to attack us “deplorables” and our freedoms, just as Obama did and more.

This is not time for ethical fastidiousness or of pious passivity.  (And, yes, I am seeing too much of that from Christian friends.)  This is a time to stand up for your freedom and for the freedom of your friends and family and, yes, of your church.  That vicious vindictive criminal tyrant Hillary Clinton must be stopped for the sake of church and country. 

You don’t like Trump?  Fine.  But vote for Trump anyway . . . in self-defense.

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