Thursday, October 13, 2016

Worst Case Scenario

Here’s a happy thought for the day.  What if Trump makes a comeback - and no question he is on a roll lately campaigning “unshackled,” and Hillary is an inviting target - and the election is close.  But Hillary wins, but with so narrow a margin in key swing states that questions of vote fraud and a stolen election arise.

What prompts this happy thought is all the reports already of vote fraud in swing states, particularly dead people registering in Virginia and zombies voting in Colorado.  The dead seem to come out for Election Day more than Halloween.  Not to mention all the non-citizens and ineligible felons who will surely vote.  Then there’s corrupt Philadelphia-style election judges.  And . . . well, this nightmare scenario is at least a possibility, is it not?  Election Day is scarier than Halloween!

And it would be a nightmare.  The country is already torn asunder.  Imagine if we had the notoriously crooked and unpopular Hillary “elected” with at least the widespread perception of a stolen election.  Imagine an illegitimate President Clinton.  

I honestly do not feel comfortable fully imagining the ugliness in public.

Anyway, have a happy day.


Note: I am changing word processors.  I hope there are no formatting or appearance issues.  But if there are, that's why.


BillB said...

TEXIT if your scenario comes to pass.

BTW, what word processor are you using?

Mark said...

I'm trying out Apple Page. I'm fed up dealing with Microsoft.