Friday, August 07, 2009

Will Congressmen Duck Town Halls? (UPDATE: Yes)

Earlier this morning, I noted with alarm one tactic of dealing with citizens opposing Obamacare at town halls – send in the brownshirts and the goons.

Something else to watch for is a more passive, nay, cowardly tactic – ducking or not holding the town halls at all.

Now, I do not yet know whether any congressmen will engage in such cowardice. However, I did call Congressman Solomon Ortiz’s local office, and they said no August town halls for him are scheduled yet due to other commitments. The young gentleman on the phone did add that they may be added to the schedule later, but he did not sound very confident about that.

I am not jumping to conclusions, but I do find that strange.

Like I said, something to watch.

Sometimes I’m good. One congressman, Brad Miller (D-NC) indeed won’t hold town halls this recess. His office is using an alleged death threat as an excuse, but he did not have any town halls scheduled before the threat.

Methinks the real reason is:

(Communications director LuAnn) Canipe explained that Miller had no plans for a town hall before and won’t be holding any now, due to this event and the examples he’s already seen from the around the country: “Our point is, we’re not gonna be bullied into having a town hall so it can then be interrupted by the fake grassroots folks.”

So if you oppose Obama, you are not really “the people.” Just letting you know.

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