Monday, August 31, 2009

Remind me not to get sick in Canada.

UK Times columnist Jeremy Clarkson vacationed in Canada recently. A friend and his son had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the socialist Canadian heathcare system.

Now tell me again why we should increase government control over healthcare.

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robroy said...

I was in Guanzhou, China adopting our second child and one of the other family's new boy tripped and had a laceration to the forehead. The hotel sent a maitre-d' and the family asked if I, being the only physician in the group, could go along to oversee. The cut required about 8 stitches.

The wait? Zero.
The cost? I think it was about thirty U.S. dollars.
The quality? Absolutely fine. I might have put a couple more including some subcuticulars but the approximation was fine.

One of the readers disparaged care in the Bronx, if one is going to get in a life threatening accident like Princess Di or Natasha Richardson, the Bronx would have been a better place and they might be alive today.