Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Communist Pig Chavez Update

Well, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is revealing more of his red colors. He’s nationalizing industries and shutting down opposition press. Here’s a succinct summary among many accounts on the net. Of course, he comes out more as the Communist he is after the election there.

It’s interesting that he welcomed the investment by AES in the electric company not that long ago. Now he wants to steal it. That’s shows what kind of man he is, regardless of his politics.

To be honest though, I don’t have much sympathy for those losing or about to lose money in Venezuela. That may sound cold-hearted and uncapitalist coming from me. But I saw the direction Chavez was going and long ago sold a gold company investing in Venezuela. Anybody still betting on Chavez being decent and reasonable is so stupid and/or reckless they deserve to lose their money.

I’ve noticed the usual gullible lefty crowd is flocking to Chavez. Typical.

Meanwhile, my boycott of Citgo (owned by the government of Venezuela) continues. It’s been easy really, even in a town infested with Citgo. And since many stations are now switching away from Citgo gas, it’s getting easier.

I have a thought. If Chavez doesn’t give fair compensation to AES and other owners of the companies he’s nationalizing (And he won’t.), why shouldn’t we “nationalize” Citgo? That would take quite a bit of slush money away from him, now wouldn’t it.

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