Friday, January 26, 2007

A “Very Difficult Meeting” Noted

A leaked e-mail from Secretary General Kenneth Kearon of the Anglican Communion Office to TEC uberliberal Louis Crewe is revealing a glimpse of Archbishop Rowan’s direction. And that glimpse is encouraging.

Kearon, who has a well-earned reputation of undercutting the orthodox, the Primates, and at times maybe even the Archbishop of Canterbury himself, shares that he is unhappy with ++Rowan’s relationship with the Episcopal Church, echoing pointed recent comments by Bishop Paul Marshall.

Kearon said he met with ++Rowan on this subject. And it was “a very difficult meeting.”

He ends his email with “Advisers (and sadly I’m not one of them) are at the heart of this.”

When a high up revisionist with this sort of access to the Archbishop feels his influence with ++Rowan is that weak and is that displeased with the Archbishop’s direction concerning the Episcopal Church, that’s good news.

And it bodes well for the Primates Meeting next month.

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