Friday, January 19, 2007

No Safe Place: -Lee, --Schori Wage War on Faithful in Virginia

Earlier this month, I noted a little meeting between national Episcopal Church officials and the Diocese of Virginia.

We now see more of the results of that meeting. The diocese has declared departing orthodox parishes “abandoned” and gives itself the right to seize them at any time.

Methinks you will find those parishes anything but abandoned this Sunday. A media circus this weekend would not surprise me.

Since it’s clear 815 is behind this, you can officially declare Presiding Bishop Schori a persecutor of the faithful. That has serious implications for the upcoming Primates Meeting which I will revisit at a later time.

As if declaring vibrant faithful parishes “abandoned” isn’t rich enough, Virginia Bishop Peter Lee also made such statements such as these:

Bishop Akinola’s effort to establish CANA within the boundaries of The Episcopal Church has occurred without any invitation or authorization whatsoever and violates centuries of established Anglican heritage.

A bishop who voted for Gene Robinson decries the supposed violation of centuries of established Anglican heritage. Uh huh. And ++Akinola I'm sure was quite invited and is much more welcome in those parishes than -Lee.

In the coming days and months there will be many opinions aired in the media, in letters and in countless blogs, opinions disguised as facts. I urge you to turn away from those as the distracting noise of the world intended to take your mind and your heart off the mission of the Church.

Don’t be confused with the facts! And pay no attention to that Presiding Heretic behind the curtain!

Too late, guy. She’s already revealed herself quite well.

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