Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Safe Place: A Smoking Gun

In my last post of 2006, I asserted that the cause of a sudden rash of somewhat reasonable TEC bishops turning into Mafiosos and threatening the money and property of orthodox congregations was national headquarters and the new Presiding Bishop herself. I contended the threats are not exceptional; they are now policy.

It’s hardly ten days into 2007, and already I’m proven right . . . again. The Diocese of Virginia is cutting off negotiations over the property of Truro and Falls Churches. And that even though, until very recently, Virginia Bishop Peter Lee seemed to be acting reasonably in this matter. What is behind this decision?

The actions of the Diocese follow a meeting on Monday between the Diocese and David Booth Beers, Chancellor of The Episcopal Church (TEC). TEC has also indicated to the congregations that it intends to intervene in these Virginia matters.

Case closed.

And the implications are obvious. If you are an orthodox congregation, there is no safe place for you under the regime of Katherine Schori, no matter how reasonable your bishop. She doesn’t want any amicable separations. She wants orthodox congregations who can no longer endure the Episcopal Church stripped of their property and kicked out on the street.

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