Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama’s Friends (and Free Speech) UPDATED

This week at the Democrat Convention, Barack Obama will surely be portrayed as a mainstream All-American.

And it will be utter cow manure.

It’s not for nothing that I have persistently called him out for the Leftist he is. If there are any doubts in your mind about that, then I kindly suggest you read up on the sordid company he has kept. Here, here and here would be a good start.

MORE: Word is getting out on Obama’s relationship with Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers. The Obama campaign’s response? To try to muzzle free speech, particularly this ad.

The Obama campaign’s rejoinder is three-pronged: The first shot was an Obama response ad, which fails to offer any substantive explanation of why Obama maintains ties to Ayers. Obama’s second move was to launch a heavy-handed effort to pressure television stations into rejecting the ad by promising financial retaliation against the stations and their advertisers — which effort has apparently succeeded in intimidating Fox and CNN. The capper is a desperate call for the Justice Department to muzzle political speech through the prospect of a criminal investigation — a demand that provides a disturbing sneak peak into what life would be like under an Obama Justice Department.

Said actions of the Obama campaign beg the question: do we really want a Leftist Gulag U.S.?

STILL MORE: Michelle Malkin, among many other bloggers, is following the Obama-Ayers matter closely, particularly Obama’s attack on free speech .

The target of his attack, the American Issues Project, is fighting back. Good on them!

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Anonymous said...

you have the right to free speech, but I have the right to call you
a left wing bigot.