Tuesday, August 05, 2008


One of the truly odd things to come out of Lambeth is the ingratitude and bitterness from the Episcopal Church toward the Archbishop of Canterbury. Heck, he’s rigged Lambeth and just about everything else to ensure the Episcopal Church will never be disciplined for its enormities. But those who should most appreciate his efforts apparently don’t at all.

BabyBlue reports toward the end of this podcast that Presiding Heretic Schori sat with her arms folded and a number of TEC bishops walked out while more normal bishops gave ++Rowan a standing ovation at the end of Lambeth.

Maybe they are upset over his concluding press conference or his statement that he will talk to GAFCON. Or maybe having their apostasies enabled just isn’t good enough for them. They want them enshrined. Perhaps when there is gay sex on the high altar of Canterbury Cathedral with a shrine to Moloch on the side complete with a continual stream of orthodox being thrown down its brazen throat they will be happy. Perhaps.

It’s apparent nothing but total victory will please these people. Their actions and attitudes confirm Neuhaus’ Law: “Where orthodoxy is optional, orthodoxy will be proscribed.”

The Bishops of Winchester and Exeter are right. For the sake of orthodoxy and genuine unity in the Anglican Communion, these stiff-necked apostates must be cut off from the Communion. Otherwise, they will be a continual source of apostasy and schism.

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