Saturday, August 09, 2008

Monday, I Play Magnus!

This Monday at 1pm CST, I play Magnus Carlsen at the Internet Chess Club.

Magnus Carlsen is probably the second best player in the world now. And at 17, he’s a likely future world champion. I’ve been a fan of his since he was 13, so I’m pretty excited.

29 others will be playing him at the same time in a “simul” to raise money for Dusan Popovic, a grandmaster with serious medical problems. And you, too, may contribute even if you are not playing Magnus. More details are here.

If I’m not too embarrassed by how bad he beats me, I might post the moves here afterward.


TLF+ said...

May your moves be !!

texanglican said...

Good luck, Newbie!

Mark said...

Thanks! I'll need it!

BTW, if I play under my ICC name, it's "markthegreat."

Don't laugh.