Monday, August 25, 2008

+David Anderson on Lambeth and Border Crossings

Bishop David Anderson is such a straight talker it brings into question his qualifications to be an Anglican bishop. Seriously though, I appreciate his ability to tell it like it is.

He certainly does so in talking about Lambeth and its absurd proposal on border crossings. After discussing Bishop Duncan’s leaked letter to Bishop Lillibridge, +Anderson continues:

One of the items that Bishop Duncan wished to protest was the treatment of border crossings as the moral equivalence of same sex marriages and gay bishops, a stance that previous Primates’ Meetings refused to take. This new equivalence represents a steep moral decline on the part of the Lambeth leadership, and is further underlined by the thought that the orthodox Anglicans who have left, let me say it again, WHO HAVE LEFT the Episcopal Church, would EVER go back into the toxic theological quagmire of heterodoxy that is the leadership of TEC. We are not going into any holding bay; we are the victims and Lambeth is thinking of sending the abused back to the abuser rather than punish the abuser.

I couldn’t have said it better myself in describing how absurd and utterly bankrupt the Lambeth proposal is.

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