Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who’s Lying, Obama?

Barack Obama and his campaign doesn’t like it that word is getting around, without much help from the Liberal News Media, of course, that he repeatedly voted down a bill to protect babies born alive after abortions. So he and his campaign have called those exposing his record (And that would include me.) liars:

The recent attacks on Senator Obama that allege he would allow babies born alive to die are outrageous lies. The suggestion that Obama — the proud father of two little girls — and others who opposed these bills supported infanticide is deeply offensive and insulting.* There is no room for these kinds of distortions and lies in this campaign.

It’s fun to watch Obama and his campaign wiggle and squirm on this. But, there’s no getting around it – as Illinois state senator, he repeatedly voted against legal protection for babies born alive.

And, to avoid any confusion, we’re not talking about a Partial Birth Abortion bill. Obama very much opposes stopping PBA, and that’s bad enough. But we’re talking about babies born alive. It’s not for nothing that I’ve called the man a baby killer.

Now, it seems he’s a lying baby killer .

The only real question is whether the news media continues to give him a pass on this as they have on his leftist record as a whole. I think they will.

But word is getting out anyway, and it’s yet one more crack in the façade of his Messiahship. And the Messiah doesn’t like it.

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