Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look Who’s Coming to Town!

I was amused to find out about certain visitors coming to my turf:

The [Windsor Continuation Group], which includes West Texas Bishop Gary Lillibridge, is next scheduled to meet in private session at the Diocese of West Texas’ Mustang Island Conference Center in Corpus Christi Dec. 15-19.

The conference center is on the beach about 20 minutes from here. I drive by there frequently. This news makes me wish I could be one of those sand colored lizards that frequent the dunes so I could sneak in their private meeting.

But that is not possible. So I ask my kind and hopefully devious readers – any ideas for scams to get into the WCG meeting?

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Christopher Johnson said...

See if you can get press credentials. You might not be able to get in but you can ask an uncomfortable question or two when they come out.