Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Say “No!” to Indaba

++Rowan Williams intends to foist his Indaba format on the Primates and Anglican Consultative Council. His reasoning? The following snippet tells all.

. . . the Indaba method, while not designed to achieve final decisions . . .

Exactly. Except if he was completely honest, ++Rowan would have changed the order of the words slightly and said “the Indaba method, while designed not to achieve final decisions. . . .” The last thing Rowan wants now is “final decisions.” His method of operation since 2003 has been to string the orthodox along and to let the apostates off the hook. Indaba is a part of that.

I hope and pray the Primates have the backbone to say “No” to Indaba and the rest of Rowan’s not-so-hidden agenda of enabling the apostates.


Hat tip to Stand Firm.


TLF+ said...

But what about Ubuntu?

Mark said...


Just say no to that, too.