Monday, August 18, 2008

Will the Episcopal Church “Sacrifice” Its Place in the Anglican Communion?

There’s been more than a little talk about the possibility and advisability of The Episcopal Church making itself a “sacrifice” by voluntarily withdrawing from the councils of the Anglican Communion so it can pursue its inclusive “gospel” unhindered.

I hate to put a damper on things – I really do – but it ain’t gonna happen. The current Archbishop of Canterbury isn’t going to discipline The Episcopal Church and TEC knows it. Further, although I hope and pray otherwise, that any future Archbishop of Canterbury will have the guts to discipline The Episcopal Church is unlikely. The Anglican Communion, as currently led, is instead an enabler. Those in willful sin love enablers. So why should TEC want to leave, even partly so, the big enabling Anglican Communion?

Further, The Episcopal Church doesn’t have the class to pull back from the councils of the Anglican Communion. We’re talking about leaders who’d rather sue departing churches rather than negotiate in good faith towards settlements. We’re talking about a church that refuses to recognize the transfer of priests to orthodox Anglican jurisdictions, but instead deposes them. We’re talking about a church in which disenfranchising those who don’t put out the money to the national denomination is being seriously considered.

Now I have to admit that this proposal from an Episcopal priest has quite a degree of class. Does PB Schori, “Bishop” Chane et al have that much class?

Do I really have to ask that question?

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