Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden: A Wonderfully Bad Choice for Veep

I’m heartened to see that Barack Obama has chosen Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate. For I think this is bad tactical decision, wonderfully bad for those, like myself, rooting against Obama.

Biden has no constituency outside of Delaware as shown by his absurd runs for the presidency. He’ll bring almost no one on board the Messiah Train.

Worse, he has a long history of not shutting up, of self-destructive verbal gaffes. In fact, I advise prayer for him that he doesn’t commit one until after he’s nominated for Veep at the Democrat Convention. And I predict he’ll have a verbal gaffe during the campaign that will hurt Obama. You heard it here first.

Further, he’s a pro-abortion Catholic. That sort of hypocrisy and unfaithfulness rubs a lot of the electorate the wrong way. Cramner has an interesting take on this. And it will bring more attention to the abortion issue – a weak issue for Obama given his radical record on the subject that can only be characterized as pro-infanticide.

So I think Obama picking Joe Biden is indeed a wonderfully self-destructive decision. I suspect that one day in illustrated Bibles, beside verses saying evil men fall into pits that they themselves dig, will be a photo of Barack Obama presenting Joe Biden as his running mate.

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Matthew said...

I think I know why he was selected. Your third paragraph is a good bit of it. Senator Biden gives the Obama campaign its very own Dan Quayle. He will not upstage the candidate. He can say anything and no one will take him seriously, so he is ideal for floating trial balloons. Finally, he has done such an excellent job of destroying his own credibility that no investigation will ever turn up anything harmful.

If Obama shoots himself in the foot, all they need do is trot Biden out, have him claim to have written "War and Peace" and the press will forget all about Obama's mis-step.

He's perfect.