Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Disgust

O. K. I wasn’t going to make a Super Bowl post. Super Bowl stuff is all over the place. I’m not very Pious and Overly Devotional when a team I thoroughly dislike wins the Super Bowl because all four of their playoff opponents, which I do did like, don’t show up and play decent football (with the possible exception of the Bengals who promptly lost their quarterback). And there are others who will show you the refereeing was awful and favored Pittsburgh. Plus there was a black-out at my place, so I didn’t see the end of the 3rd and most of the 4th Quarter (which may be a good thing. From what I hear, two crucial zebra calls I missed would have made me die of a conniption.). AND my beloved Rector taught against complaining on Super Sunday.

BUT I heard something on Sporting News Radio tonight that I’ve seen nowhere else: that ref who called the crucial offensive interference call after the Pittsburgh guy barked at him? Yeah, one of the calls that took away a Seattle touchdown? That ref is from Pittsburgh.

What the H was he doing reffing that game in the first place?

If I ever hear a Pittsburgh fan complaining about reffing again, may God in his mercy keep me from slapping him silly. That’s TWO Super Bowls where the refs were a BIG help to the Steelers.

"One for the thumb"? How about two for the zebras.

MORE: If you think I’m hard on the refs, read what Skip Bayless wrote. By the way, he’s been a sportswriter as long as I can remember and is no Seahawks fan.

And on review, I think I may have been too hard on the Seahawks. Except for Stevens' hands, they did at least show up and play football. But it's hard to keep coming when the refs kill you with questionable calls again and again and . . . .

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