Thursday, February 02, 2006

Singing the Sursum Corda

I showed up to Evening Prayer last night even earlier than I usually do. And while talking to a friend, I heard Father Ben working with one of the organists up in balcony. I thought he was getting something ready for the service as he often does. But his voice reminded me of sung prayers I’ve heard elsewhere. So I made some kind of joke that he’s going to sing more prayers. (I can’t remember what I said. I’ve always had such a bad memory for jokes, I often can’t remember my own!)

And the friend said that he is. He was practicing a sung Sursum Corda.

I immediately pumped my fists and said “Yes!” This was quite a surprise. And as some of you may have noticed, I like sung prayers.

Up to now, we’ve been saying the Sursum Corda, then singing the Sanctus during Holy Communion, but soon we’ll be singing both. Sorry I don’t know the proper description of the chant we’ll use, but it’s very common among Anglicans. It’s the same chant as at St. David’s in Denton. In fact, whenever I hear it, I’m reminded of the singing of the now retired Father Baines at St. David’s.

And that’s a good memory.

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