Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How about a 5 year Moratorium on Brian McLaren?

Last month, Brian McLaren suggested a five year moratorium on “making pronouncements” on homosexuality. Oh, and if all the “listening” and “dialogue” he recommends during those five years don’t come up with “clarity,” then he recommends another five years!

Man, you’d think he’s Anglican or something.

I wonder what other subjects on which the Bible speaks that he thinks we should be silent about for five or more years.

I also wonder if “clarity” is possible with Brian McLaren in the room. McLarity he ain’t.

What annoys me the most about McLaren and many of his “Emergent” friends is their excruciating reluctance to clearly stand with the teaching and authority of scripture. Yet so-called evangelicals support these guys -- which annoys me perhaps even more.

McLaren advises a moratorium until there is “clarity.” May I humbly suggest McLaren impose a moratorium on himself until he repents of his own notorious lack of clarity in standing with the word of God.

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