Monday, February 20, 2006

Just a small minority of Muslims?

Over and over again, we have heard that only a small minority of Muslims are extremists or support terrorism.

I’ve always had very serious doubts about that. For many years, I’ve known enough history of Islam and enough Koran (I studied the Koran at Duke.) to know Islam is no “religion of peace” toward us “infidels.”

Well, now my doubts are confirmed yet again.

It turns out 40% of British Muslims want Sharia law in at least parts of the U. K. Anyone want to start an amputation business there?

And a fifth have sympathy toward the June 7th London suicide bombers, although (supposedly) 99% thought the bombing was wrong.

Apparently, the nutcases I photographed marching in London are not atypical.

Note this isn’t in the Palestinian Authority or Iran or Indonesia for that matter. These are Muslims in Great Britain. It’s safe to say these are more moderate than your average Muslim.

What was that about a small minority again?

By the way, in light of this poll, it’s very fair to ask what the governments of the U.K. and other European governments were thinking when they abundantly imported through immigration this Muslim culture which is so hostile to Western culture.

It’s a bit late to do so (I did so years ago myself.), but we need to wake up and realize that the problem isn’t just a few Muslim extremists.

The problem is Islam itself.

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