Thursday, February 16, 2006

Write the Punch Line!

While perusing the Presbyterian Layman, I noticed an Episcopal bishop has decried ECUSA and PCUSA remaining separate as “a scandal to the gospel.”

The bishop who decried this “scandal”?

Douglas E. Theuner, retired bishop of New Hampshire. Yes, he’s the one who groomed Gene Robinson to succeed him. And as the article notes, he preached the sermon at Robinson’s consecration, saying Robinson would "stand as a symbol of the unity of the church."

I’m sorry. This is so absurd I’m at a loss for a punch line . . . . And that’s where you come in. Yes, you get to . . .


Write your clever punch line in the comments. Do try to keep it relatively clean and charitable. If I in any way disapprove of your comment or punch line, I reserve the right to edit it in any way I please. >:^D

If the winner is Presbyterian, he/she gets a virtual bottle of scotch. If Anglican, he gets a virtual decanter of sherry. If Baptist, he gets tap water.

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