Saturday, February 11, 2006

FIFNA joins the Network En Masse

I’m very encouraged by the news that the parishes of Forward in Faith North America have joined the Anglican Communion Network en masse.

One of the glories of Anglicanism is quite catholic and quite protestant Christians worshipping under the same ecclesiastical roof. I loved seeing that at the REC/APA convention in Orlando last year. And some of you know a favorite place for me to worship is the very Anglo-Catholic Smokey Matt’s in Dallas.

It seems that God, through this welcome news along with the REC/APA merger in progress and other developments, is working to bring together in one body orthodox Protestant and Anglo-Catholic Anglicans who before had been scattered here and there – and who in fairly recent history have even been hostile to each other.

And, yes, He apparently is using the difficulties in ECUSA and the Anglican Communion to bring this about. As I like to say, “Romans 8:28.”

And what a turn of church history it would be if orthodox North American Anglicans, who along with many other orthodox Christians, sadly have a notorious history of splintering, would instead be in the forefront of such a genuine and Biblical ecumenism.

I’ve been hoping and praying for such since I joined the Reformed Episcopal Church. And if He is indeed doing this, then thanks be to God!

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