Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Downfall: the Self-Destruction of Obama – Guns

I really should not be making any more political predictions after my prediction of a Romney win. The one thing I got right is that it was "useless"!

But I can’t help myself when I think I am seeing something momentous unfolding, and that is the self-destruction of Obama.  His re-election has unleashed his arrogant Leftism already beyond my worse expectations.  And I so believe (and pray) it will backfire on him, that I have decided to begin a Downfall series of periodic posts on his self-destruction.  

I think a series is needful because I already see so many seeds of Obama’s downfall that two or three posts will not suffice, not to mention I expect his downfall to be a process, and a messy one.  And I do think it will be a self-destruction.  As after his 2008 election, Obama again has so much good will in the country that if he were somewhat sensible and responsible he could go down as a very successful president.

But sensible and responsible he is not.

For the first post, I will point to what may be the worst miscalculation of Obama so far, not just in his 2nd term, but in his entire presidency, his decision to go after guns.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Massacre, Obama thinks now is the time to push his desire largely to disarm the American people.  He thinks he now has the political capital to do so.  That could be a disastrous miscalculation.

Obama does not get how attached Americans are to their guns and gun rights.  And it’s not just supposed “bitter clingers” he infamously pointed to in 2008.  Strongly pro-gun people include a lot of Democrats and Independents.  The NRA endorses a number of Democrats (some of whom are now betraying gun owners, by the way).

And those gun owners do more than just “cling” to their guns.  They take action when they perceive their 2nd Amendment rights are under threat.  Note the current soaring gun and ammo sales.  And note the coming political backlash.  Few things can get many Americans angry as the thought of the federal government coming after their guns.  Alex Jones’ appearance with Piers Morgan gives a flavor of that.

And make no mistake about it – Obama’s proposed federal gun registry is rightly perceived as one step away from gun confiscation.

When Obama finally begins to understand the full extent of the anger he is unleashing, it will be too late for him politically.  This issue alone could turn out millions against his party in 2014 and turn him into the lamest of lame duck presidents.

I see only two ways for Obama to escape this scenario:

1. The economy is doing so well and soon that people forgive just about everything else.  That is exceedingly unlikely as I may address in a later post.

2. The most obnoxious of Obama’s proposals are quickly defeated, and he then backs off so quickly that guns are not a big issue in 2014.

That is possible.  Perhaps gun grabbing has so little support in Congress that it is shot down quickly.  But the thing is Obama has a sordid record already of using lawless means when he cannot get his way through lawful means.  His recess appointments when there was no recess are among the examples.  His regime has already made noises of taking steps apart from Congress to restrict guns. 

If Obama plays the dictator in going after guns . . . let’s just say it could get ugly.  We will need to pray that only political means are needed and used in stopping Obama’s excesses.

But Obama is going after guns.  And I do think it will be the beginning of his Downfall.

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