Friday, January 11, 2013

On Louis Giglio - When Political Incorrectness is Too Correct

Under pressure, Louis Giglio has withdrawn from giving the Benediction at the Inauguration of The One because he said BIGOTED stuff like the following back in the 90’s:

We must lovingly but firmly respond to the aggressive agenda of not all, but of many in the homosexual community. … Underneath this issue is a very powerful and aggressive moment. That movement is not a benevolent movement, it is a movement to seize by any means necessary the feeling and the mood of the day, to the point where the homosexual lifestyle becomes accepted as a norm in our society and is given full standing as any other lifestyle, as it relates to family.

How DARE he say something so . . . so . . . uh, well . . . correct.  He was right on target as to what would transpire.  He was downright prophetic even.

I thought liberals liked “prophetic.”

The worst thought/speech crimes to Lefties are those that tell the truth. 

To put it another way, nothing is more intolerable to what used to be the “tolerance” crowd than political incorrectness which is . . . correct.

Louis Giglio was too correct for his own good.  And isn’t that what Christians are supposed to be?

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