Thursday, January 02, 2014

NFL Playoffs: Who I’m rooting for (and against) and why.

Inspired by a guide to who to root or in the playoffs for losers those whose teams did not make the playoffs, I have decided to share my all-important and correct feelings about the teams who made it.  You may disagree . . . and be scum.

I’ll do this in order from teams I’m rooting for to the one I so hate, I will probably have to avoid a Super Bowl party if it makes it.

1. Denver Broncos – I’ve always loved this team (with the possible exception of when Mike Shanahan coached it.  Yes, I dislike him that much.) and I’ve always loved Peyton Manning.  I not only expect them to make the Super Bowl; I might pray for it.

2. Seattle Seahawks – I’ve rooted for them since they came into the NFL, in part because my Dad used to live there.  And I still resent the Super Bowl stolen from them by refs, particularly a ref from (S)Pittsburgh.  They are practically owed a Super Bowl.

If these two both make the Super Bowl, I will wish they both could win somehow.  These next three are very close together in my heart.  (And remember, this is who I’m rooting for, not who I am predicting to win.)

3. Carolina Panthers – I have a warm place in my heart for most teams who have never won a Super Bowl.  And I appreciate the character of this team, especially how they turned it around after a bad 2012 and a bad start this year.  And, unless you bellow “Roll Tide!”, ya gotta love Cam Newton.  And it’s obvious he has worked hard on his game after getting by pretty much on pure talent.  Not all talented players have the humility and discipline to do that.

4 .New Orleans Saints – I’ve always rooted for them, in part because I still remember when they were the Aints and their fans wore bags on their heads.  They are fun to watch, at least at home.  I think the NFL singled them out in Bountygate.  The awkwardness if they win the Super Bowl and Roger Goodell and Saint’s Coach Sean Payton are together on the awards stand could be priceless.  Heck, that alone makes them rootworthy.

5. Green Bay Packers – I disliked them as a kid because I was a big Cowboys fan.  I still remember Bart Star making my Mama unhappy.  And I hated Vince Lombardi.  I know – heresy.  I respect him now, but only.
But I came around through the years to like them.  Yes, I can change my mind about a franchise.  They have always been a class act.  And you do not know how much I appreciate them beating the Steelers in the Super Bowl.  (Can you guess yet who I am thankful is not in the playoffs?)  If they manage to beat the 49ers this weekend, I will become that much more grateful towards them.

6. Indianapolis Colts – I don’t like them as much as when Peyton was there.  But I still like them and appreciate their turnaround after Peyton got injured then left.  And their QB Luck is likable and fun to watch.  I even like watching his beard grow.

7. Kansas City Chiefs – Who can dislike a team that has so turned it around?  They aren’t the Kansas City “Chefs” any more.  And I like and respect Andy Reid (See the Eagles below.).  But they did not finish that strong (although their scrubs nearly beat the Chargers last Sunday), and I’m not a long time fan of theirs.  So I’m not that excited about them.

8. San Diego Chargers – I’ve mildly rooted for them a long time.  But I don’t like Rivers’ act.  And they are a most undeserving playoff team.  But I still like them.  Who said football fans are rational?

9. New England Patriots – I know this is probably the most hated team in America.  But I still remember when they rose up from decades of mediocrity and worse to slay the Steelers and the Raiders.  And I still appreciate them for that, a lot.  Yes, it is hard to really love them, but I cannot hate them.

10. Cincinnati Bengals – This is the only team I am truly indifferent about.  One reason is so many times through the years, nay, decades, they had opportunities to stop the 49ers and the Steelers (Yes.  Them again.) and utterly failed.  Even this year, they only split their games with the Steelers, enabling their very nearly successful playoff run.  So thanks for nothing, Bungles.  Eh, I’ll correct myself.  I hope San Diego embarrasses these losers.

11. Philadelphia Eagles – I used to hate this team (and still have contempt for most of their fans).  But I so appreciated Andy Reid telling T. O. to get lost in mid-season a few years ago, I began to respect them that day and still do.  And QB Nick Foles is quite the story and very hard to dislike.  Yes, this is a long time Cowboys fan who doesn’t hate the Eagles.  But don’t expect me to root for them unless they play . . .

666. San Francisco 49ers – There are two teams in the NFL today that, if they make the Super Bowl, I probably will have to forego any Super Bowl parties: Pittsburgh (NOT in the playoffs! Yesss!) and these guys.  For I will be ranting and raving and praying and fasting (Well, maybe not fasting.) for their defeat.  I will not be fit for polite company or even impolite company.
I’ll be honest.  The seeds of my hatred of the 49ers were the years when they again and again beat Dallas and won the Super Bowl, and I got sick of it.  But it’s not just that. (And remember I’ve warmed to other big rivals of the Cowboys.  See above.)  They cheated to win their Super Bowls.  During those years, their crook owner Eddie DeBartolo violated NFL rules.  Under him the 49ers cheated their way to a dynasty, including violating salary caps.
And yet the NFL and the sports news media still fawn on them.  And, yes, ESPN shamed themselves by puffing even DeBartolo during the 49ers’ last game at Candlestick.  Let me vomit.
And I detest that bicep-kissing quarterback of theirs.  I cannot put my finger on it, and I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but – God forgive me – I want someone to break that arm when he runs up the middle.  I don’t even respect him.  Unlike Cam Newton, he has not improved his game.
And you can guess what I think of the city of Sodom San Francisco.
Get the picture?

Now I am in the happy situation that the 49ers are the only playoff team I truly hate.  So if they get beat, I can relax and enjoy the rest of the playoffs . . . and maybe even have a Super Bowl party.  Heck, their elimination would demand a party.

Let us pray…


David C. said...

Go Niners all the way. Another Cowgirl rants and rants !!!!

David C. said...

You must have hated the Green Bay game but the Carolina game must have put you over the top. We keep playing while Dallas is trying to stay an NFL team. We may not win in Seattle but its all west coast baby !!!!!

Mark said...

David is rather quiet now for some reason.