Thursday, January 16, 2014

BREAKING!!: I don’t know what to think

Yes, I know that headline is shocking to readers.  But I am so not opinionated, don’tcha know.  So sometimes I just don’t know what to think about a matter.

And the appointment of Tory Baucum as a Canterbury Preacher is one such matter.  This appointment makes quite a statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury, seeing that Baucum is an ACNA priest.  But he is also the ACNA priest that rather infamously practiced “reconciliation” with the TEC “Bishop” of Virginia.  So is Archbishop Welby saying ACNA had best do likewise if it wants recognition from Canterbury?

And I have ACNA friends I highly respect with sharply divergent views of this appointment.

But it is significant so I thought it worth noting . . . even if I do not know what otherwise to think of it.

The statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury may be found here.  And here is the statement from ACNA.

And a hat tip to Stand Firm, where some of these divergent opinions may be found.

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