Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mitt Romney’s Pessimism . . . and Mine

It should not surprise that Mitt Romney is not my flavor politically.  He’s too establishment for me.  But my respect for him has increased after reading that he gets it how bad a shape this country is in.  His thoughts on Election Night 2012 stand out in that regard:

As defeat settled in, Romney discussed what to say in a concession speech — which, for all his natural pessimism, Romney had not considered ahead of time. And it was in that moment that some of Romney's passion about the race finally came out, far from the view of voters and television cameras. Stevens suggested that the losing candidate should play an almost "pastoral" role, "soothing" the American people after a long and divisive campaign.

"I don't think it is a time for soothing and everything's fine," said Romney. "I think this is a time for [saying], 'This is really serious, guys. This is really serious.'"

"To get up and soothe is not my inclination," an obviously anguished Romney continued. "I cannot believe that [Obama] is an aberration in the country. I believe we're following the same path of every other great nation, which is we're following greater government, tax rich people, promise more stuff to everybody, borrow until you go over a cliff. And I think we have a very high risk of reaching the tipping point sometime in the next five years. And the idea of saying 'it's just fine, don't worry about it' -- no, it's really not."

Romney was right.  It is not fine.  I fear a coalition of those who loot and/or prefer Latin or European political culture to American has plunged the United States into permanent decline.

I hope I am wrong.  I do see the possibility of a backlash so strong in the 2014 and 2016 elections that it will, like the 1980 election, stop America’s decline for a generation.  In my more optimistic moments, I expect it.  (Hence, my Downfall series.)  But if the next two elections fail to do that, my view of the future is dark indeed.  Moreover, if after the abysmal performance of the Obama Administration, there isn’t the great repudiation of the Democrat Party they have earned so well, it will confirm my pessimism.

And if the establishment Republicans and Democrats succeed in importing more un-American voters and cheap labor with immigration “reform”, not unlike what the UK Labour Party did with immigration there, then America’s decline will be hastened all the more.  Legalization and importation of those who should not be here in the first place must be stopped.

More unhappy thoughts on Romney’s justified pessimism may be found over at Ace of Spades.

But my trust is in a different kingdom.  And prophecies concerning that kingdom, contrary to a few bizarre interpretations, do not seem to say much about the United States of America.  We are not as great as we think we are in God’s purposes.

And we are proving that all too well at the moment.

A trivial but happier note to offset the gloom above:

Yes, I am very happy about the NFL football results this past weekend.  This earlier post will tell you why. 

Unless the refs manage to ruin it, this will be a Super Bowl I enjoy.

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Tregonsee said...

I think we may be in a time similar to the period of the Roman Empire called The Five Good Emperors. A good president can at least arrest the decline, but the fundamental problems remain. When we get a bad president, the decline accelerates. Given how deeply the rot has penetrated our schools, media, and even many churches, a renaissance is hard to imagine.