Monday, January 27, 2014

Why I might watch the State of the Union

I’ve made a point not to watch Obama’s State of the Union speeches in the past.  I can predict most of what he is going to say, and I just do not want to get that angry before bedtime.

But I think I’ll watch this year.  Why?  I think it might be a historic moment that marks a lurch towards dictatorship.  And bad history is the most interesting history, is it not?

Oh by the way, any talk from Obama about being oh-so desirous of working with Congress . . . is just talk.

I covered both the Clinton and Bush White Houses. Routinely, with each of them, there was line of cars on the West Wing driveway belonging to members of some committee or faction of Congress that had dropped by to meet the president. If they wanted the gathering to remain below the radar, they “snuck in” the side door, and then the camera guys who were always in a position where they could see the entrance there told us about it.

With Obama, almost never. Nothing. No meetings. If you ask around on Capitol Hill, no phone calls either. Obama, expostulating about the uncooperativeness of Republicans, does nothing to get them to cooperate. It’s not in his character. And then he attacks them for his own paucity of results. He’s like a high school football player who never comes to practice and then whines that he’s warming the bench.

Unfortunately, Obama’s temperament will now have serious consequences for the nation. We’ll be in a constant state of Constitutional subversion for the next three years as Obama issues edicts and bullies the private sector into doing his bidding. At any point, with some particularly outlandish act, he can kick things up to a major Constitutional crisis.

Obama would rather be a Dear Leader than a President who deigns to work with his opposition or with lowly legislators.

Which may indeed lead to a Constitutional crisis.  But, like I said, bad history is more interesting than responsible and accountable governance.

Hey, if the “State of the Union” is “going to Hell,” I might as well enjoy it.


MORE: I nearly forgot.  If I do watch, you just know I will be snarking tweeting away.

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