Monday, December 30, 2013

GLAAD Bullies . . . Gays?

I do not yet know if GLAAD got the comeuppance I put forth as a possibility.  But that the backlash against the GLAAD-pressured suspension of Phil Robertson prompted A&E quickly to lift that suspension and make GLAAD oh-so mad warms my heart almost as much as the Steelers being eliminated from the play-offs.

Why my animus against GLAAD?  Because they are bullies.  Worse, they are bullies who are smugly self-righteous as they engage in their bullying, in their attacks against the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and livelihoods of their opponents.

And do not think that GLAAD only bullies racistsexisthomophobebigoted straight white men such as yours truly.  Gays who do not toe the politically correct gay activist line are targeted as well, too.  Robert Oscar Lopez knows about that first hand and has shared his experience of life on GLAAD’s blacklist.

Really, most gays are victims of GLAAD’s bullying.  Even those racistsexisthomophobebigots who, like myself, disagree with the gay activist agenda know through experience that most gays do not wear horns.  But such good will gays have earned through years of more open engagement with society is not easy to retain when GLAAD and others who purport to speak for gays try to blacklist, silence, boycott, and otherwise bully those who hold to a more traditional view of morality and family life.

Even many gays are coming around to saying it’s time for GLAAD to stop their bullying, that the way to combat bigotry is not more bigotry.

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