Friday, December 13, 2013

IRS Targeting – There Must be a Special Prosecutor

Think IRS targeting of political opponents is a thing of the past?  Think exposure and Obama making his faux displeasure known put a stop to it?

Think again.

Not only does IRS targeting continue, it is progressing on a new front, against vocal opponents of Obamacare.

Which prompts me to put my foot down and say there must be a Special Prosecutor of the IRS and of whoever has directed their targeting of political opponents.  And "whoever" includes all the way up to the White House.

The investigation by Congressman Issa, assisted by Rep. Blake Farenthold and other good people, has served good purposes.  But a Congressional investigation can only do much, particularly when even the FBI is in on the cover-up.

That IRS attacks on free speech continue even now make the need for a Special Prosecutor that much more urgent.

And, for reasons I’ve stated before, people must go to prison for this.  There are times when politics are not enough, and this is such a time.  To effectively punish and deter such attacks on our freedom of speech, perps must serve prison time.  And I cannot see that happening without a Special Prosecutor.

And we may have to impeach a President as well.  But let a good, fair, tough Special Prosecutor do his work first.

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Micha Elyi said...

Bow down to Obama, Anglican. Your cult was founded by Henry VIII on the principle that the head of state is the head of your church.

(Anglicans of the lefty persuasion were hypocrites for not bowing down to the Presidents Bush.)