Thursday, December 19, 2013

Will the Firing of Phil Robertson Prove the PC Crowd’s Waterloo? UPDATED

There is a possibility the firing of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty for comments he made about homosexuality may prove to be a significant comeuppance for the Lavender Mafia and the rest of the PC crowd.

The reaction not just from the right-of-center but from all who value free speech is already a tidal wave.  As I type this, #DuckDynasty and A&E were the top two trends on Twitter.  And the new @BoycottAETV has over 6,000 followers literally overnight.

We shall see if this has lasting significance and puts the speech squelchers in their place.  Perhaps it may be a “Have you no shame?” moment.  I am not necessarily predicting this, but I can’t recall such a reaction to speech squelching before as we see already.  It is indeed worth watching.

Speaking of twitter (And I should have mentioned this yesterday.), even when I am not blogging much, I usually do keep tweeting and have done so lately.  I’m @wannabeanglican there.  Hey, it doesn’t take as much energy to vent in 140 characters or less.


UPDATE: It's dinner time in the U.S. now.  Top three trends on Twitter?

1. A&E.  2. #DuckDynasty 3. Phil Robertson

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