Thursday, June 18, 2009

“Help! Help! Religious Discrimination!”

This morning, I’m chuckling over this story. It appears a witches’ coven tried to hold a ball at a UK Roman Catholic facility. (No, I’m not making this up.) And the church said, sorry, we cannot quite accommodate that.

Well, the witches are casting evil spells getting all huffy about this “religious discrimination,” saying it harkens back to the days of burning witches.

In contrast to such absurd overstatement, the priest in charge engaged in wonderful English understatement:

The Reverend John Joyce explained: “Parish centres under our auspices let their premises on the understanding users and their organisations are compatible with the ethos and teachings of the Catholic Church. In this instance, we aren't satisfied such requirements are met.”

Meanwhile, no witches’ receptions are planned for the ACNA Provincial Assembly. At least none are on the schedule.

As for the TEC General Convention . . .


GA/FL said...

THANK GOD for a strong, not wimpy leader of UK Catholics. They have 'Back Up' and will face down the sicko whining evil witches. Rowan would lift a limp wrist or pinkie against them.

GA/FL said...

typo - Rowan would *NOT* lift a limp wrist or pinkie...we have seen that the ABC is a non-defender of The Faith, rather, he is an accomplice of the destroyers.