Monday, June 22, 2009

ACNA Assembly Random Notes UPDATED

Presiding Bp. Grundorf of the APA is here. I appreciate his persistence in seeking unity while many in the APA are not so inclined.

Security is pretty tight. I saw two policemen walking about when I got here. And the St. Vincent’s campus is closed to those without badges. Also, there is no walk up registration. (Or at least there isn’t supposed to be any and I’ve seen no deviation from that rule.)

I haven’t seen it on the official schedule, but I’m told Young Anglicans will have Compline tonight at 11pm. Sounds inviting if I can stay awake!


Sitting in the cathedral sanctuary now which is just about packed out 25 minutes before the service begins.

The Gospel for the opening Eucharist sure is appropriate, Matt. 10: 34-42 – “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Being faithful to Jesus unfortunately means division from those who refuse that path.


Well, that was a glorious service. I was hoping those Ft. Worth Anglo-Catholics would show ACNA how to worship, and they did! And that many people, with an excellent choir and organ, heartily singing to the Lord in that excellent space was glorious indeed.

The service did go a little long, perhaps because Bishop Duncan had a lot to say. :) So the first Assembly session will start late. I’m awaiting it in the gym. I might try my hand at liveblogging it on a new post.


Interesting, ++Rowan has sent a Pastoral Visitor to the ACNA Assembly. (BabyBlue is also here and covering ACNA, btw.)


Bishop Duncan’s address to the Opening Eucharist is now posted. I agree that the timing of this being St. Alban’s Day is remarkable.

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