Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Double Standards and Sotomayor

As Mona Charen well notes, the vetting of Sonia Sotomayor and past judicial nominees reveals a number of double standards. Like Ms. Charen, I doubt Sotomayor is a racist. However . . .

If a white male nominee had been discovered to have said something similar -- that he was better situated to judge due to his background and life experiences than a Latina woman -- he would be cashiered so fast as to induce whiplash.

Gosh, you think?

And Sotomayor, with her past statements and current associations, particularly her membership in La Raza (i.e. “The Race”), she has far more marks of racism than any number of past white male nominees attacked on the pretense of supposed racism. Charen reviews the Charles Pickering episode as one despicable example of such Democrat double standards and outright slander:

. . . Judge Pickering had been a friend to civil rights throughout his career. To its credit, the New York Times actually quoted longtime associates of the judge and members of the black community in Pickering's hometown who "overwhelmingly support his nomination . . . and admire his efforts at racial reconciliation." The black chairman of the city council told the Times, "I can't believe the man they're describing in Washington is the same one I've known for years." They recalled that as a young prosecutor in 1967, Pickering had endangered his career (and perhaps more) by testifying in court against the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. He was known for hiring black staffers at a time when few white Mississippians did. Pickering encouraged the chancellor of University of Mississippi to form the Institute for Racial Reconciliation and served on its board for many years. . . .

Yet, without blushing, John Kerry transmogrified Judge Pickering into "a forceful advocate for a cross-burner."

Yet these same Democrats are about to give a pass to the Supreme Court to a woman who openly thinks she can make better decisions than a white male because she is a Latina.

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Anonymous said...

Having had the dealings I have had with La Raza members, and Sotomayor's inability to gather the fortitude to denounce MEChA who are unaplogetically violent racists, I would say she is more firmly in the racist column than not.

It is as if some white guy were part of the Council of Conservative Citizens and somehow could not bring himself to denounce the KKK or the Nazis.