Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama’s AmeriCorps Scandal

Obama likes to talk (and talk and talk) about cutting wasteful spending. But don’t try to cut off government money to Obama’s cronies, or you will get cut off, just like now former AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin.

Walpin was suddenly fired from his position, in violation of a federal law Senator Obama co-sponsored. Walpin’s crime? Cutting off federal funds from Obama crony Kevin Johnson after he was caught using AmeriCorps funds for personal and political purposes. That Sacramento just elected that crook as mayor made things that much more awkward.

There are other aspects to this that don’t pass the smell test. First Lady MacBeth Michelle Obama is flooding AmeriCorps with her people for one thing. Musn’t have a Bush holdover getting in the way of funneling the money to cronies.

So out goes Walpin for doing his job and doing it well. For “Change” has come to the White House, Chicago-style.

Oh, and don’t expect the Democrat Congress to investigate this.

The Wall Street Journal has written a good summary of the story as has Michelle Malkin.

I’ve called this matter a scandal. That might be a bit hopeful on my part. The Democrat Congress and the Obama-loving news media will likely enable the Obamas to get away with this.


Matthew said...

What with ABC's Obama love-in, and the other networks kicking themselves for not thinking of it first, it's pretty safe to say that this story won't get much play.

I don't know about you, but I've moved from apathy about the MSM to active contempt. They deserve their plummeting ratings.

Mark said...

Oh, I got past active contempt years ago. I might tell about that sometime.


The Underground Pewster said...

Thanks Wannabe for pointing this out. Remember the years of torture inflicted upon the Bush Administration because of those attorney firings a few years back?

Mark said...

Indeed I do. And at least some of those were fired for NOT doing their jobs, particularly for going easy on vote fraud.