Saturday, June 20, 2009

“Death to Khamenei!”

Although I’m focusing on the ACNA Assembly, I cannot ignore what is going on in Iran. The enormities of the evil regime there have become so outrageous that people are chanting “Death to Khamenei,” an bold act unthinkable until now.

Here is an excellent, updated, and disturbing summary of today’s events.

Please continue to pray for the people of Iran.


Floridian said...

We were not made to be deceived or deceptive, dishonest, bound and coerced, used or mis-used, demeaned, disrespected, defiled, neglected, hated, muted, unheard...

God created human beings to operate and to live in communion and fellowship with Him, in His full and holy Truth, Love, Life, Freedom, Peace, Joy, Contentment, Good Will.

ANYTHING that diminishes, distorts or obscures or overrides these good and sacred ideals, qualities or signs (which are the chariacteristics of God Himself) cannot long be tolerated by God or man.

Khomenei, Abeinajihad, Sadaam Hussein, etc, have defied God Himself. The god of death and hatred they worship and imitate is not the God of Truth, Love and Life, humble servant, tender Father, Good Shepherd, King of Love, who demands that we love even our enemies and forgive all offenses, do good to, pray for, bless and forgive our enemies.

God will not be mocked or deceived. He will punish abortionists, greedy dishonest traders, people who sexually, emotionally and physically abuse children, who sell drugs, write stupid evil laws, crooked judges who make political judgments and suicide bombers alike. God knows and sees all.
If Mousavi is encouraging suicide bombings, that is wrong. If he is not serving Jesus Christ, he is still going to be bringing evil, possibly just a lesser evil, but evil nonetheless. Jesus IS The Way, The Truth and The Life. There is no other Savior.

No substitute plan or package.


If we do not do things God's way, we are judged on our actions, not Christ's. Safer to accept Christ's perfect righteousness than to be sifted and weighed by our own righteousness.

May The True and Living Holy Good and Loving God be glorified in Iran.

Floridian said...

Correction: (and this is to muslim nations) "...people who sexually, emotionally and physically abuse and *enslave* *women* and children..."

I am DISGUSTED reading about muslims raping nuns, stoning and decapitating women, 'honor' killings and all that garbage.

The rape of women in the UK has increased with the influx of muslims.

We have muslim men decapitating their wives and killing their own daughters in the US:

This was in Texas. I hope the man is found by some capable Texas law enforcement personnel. He will wish he was in Tehran right now.