Tuesday, June 09, 2009

An Interesting Poll: Is the Tide Turning Here?

The beat-down the Left just suffered in Europe begs the question, how does the Left stand in the U. S.?

Some interesting polls indicate that, although we are nowhere near a beat-down phase, the popularity of Obama and his allies has waned rather quickly less than six months into his administration. This one I find particularly interesting at the moment: Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on the economy as well as on a number of other issues. The number on the economy is 45% Republicans – 39% Democrats.

Given that the Republicans lost the election big just six months ago mostly on the economy, this is a remarkable turnaround that cannot bode well for Democrats. Of course, the economy could blip up and change this.

I may say more on this “change” in due time. But I will give into the temptation to make a worthless prediction:

The Republicans will make significant gains in the 2010 Congressional elections, but not come close to taking either house. Then in 2012 comes the beat-down for which I so eagerly yearn.

You heard it here first.

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