Thursday, June 04, 2009

Democrats Kill Efforts to Prevent Vote Fraud

Here in Texas, Republicans in the Legislature tried to combat vote fraud with a reasonable Voter ID bill. But Democrats so wanted to leave a door open for vote fraud that they brought the whole legislative session to close to a standstill in order to stop Voter ID.

But who knows if the U. S. Justice Department of Eric Holder and Obama would have allowed Voter ID to go forward even if it passed. For they have killed Georgia’s voter verification efforts to ensure only citizens register to vote. Obama wants to get those illegal alien votes, don’t you know.

Remember the Democrat Party platform itself opposes Voter ID laws. It’s not for nothing that I’ve dubbed it The Party of Vote Fraud.


Anonymous said...

The democrat party has regressed once again to it's status as the party of slavery and Jim Crow. It's now reduced all citizens' status to that of less than human, and it's seeking to deny citizen's the right for their vote to count, by employing fraud. More of us need to contact our republican leaders in congress and demand that they force this issue to be addressed. We also have to request that Judicial Watch take this case up.

Floridian said...

Typical Chicago style goings on. Maybe this will wake up some people. I wouldn't trust any democrat as far as I can spit.

Anonymous, I hope you are planning to notify 'Judicial Watch' if it will do any good.