Monday, June 08, 2009

Euro and UK Voters tell Left and EU to . . .

Well, I am not going to complete that sentence as I do not think there is a polite way to describe the strong message European and particularly UK voters sent to the Left and to the EU in EU parliamentary elections.

The UK results are especially revealing – and gratifying. Much attention has been given to the BNP’s gains, but I think it much more significant that the UKIP (which is anti-EU without the racist baggage) has suddenly become the go-to third party in the UK and even polled ahead of Labour. The worthless pro-EU Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, fell behind. Up to now, the Lib Dems have been the main third party, but no more, thanks to their failure to provide a real alternative and their EU sycophancy.

And, of course, Labour got slaughtered, not only losing to the Tories and the UKIP overall but polling behind other parties in a number of regions. You have to go back several decades to find a worse result for Labour.

The message is unmistakable – UK voters have had it with both Labour’s Gulag UK and Gulag EU.

The Tories also had better listen and listen well. Voters do not want a lighter shade of Labour.

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