Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran Update: Obama Plays “See No Evil”

There is a report from Iran that some Revolutionary Guard members are not playing along with the election theft there and have been arrested. That gives some hope because if enough of the Revolutionary Guard refuses to support the current regime, said regime may be in big trouble.

Meanwhile, it appears previous reports of the opposition rallies may have undercounted them. They may have been not just in the tens of thousands, but from two to three million(!). No wonder the Supreme Leader is fidgeting. Now his thugs are cracking down further on foreign news media, even banning them from reporting from Tehran at all.

Speaking of Supreme Leaders, Obama and his State Department profess they are unsure that the Iranian election count was fraudulent.

What!? Let’s see. You have a supposed hand count of about 40 million ballots in hours. I guess Allah helped with the count. You have results announced in a rush that contradict Supreme Leader Khamenei’s own private poll. And that’s just for starters. If George Bush had gone dictator on us and announced at 9pm on Election Night that McCain had won with 65% of the vote, would Obama have been so unsure of a fraudulent count then?

Of course, this is a man who seems to think ACORN doesn’t engage in election fraud.

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